Two nuns complete tough assignment

They had to write without any mistake

Panaji: Two Pauline nuns have completed a difficult task: writing the entire New Testament on A4 size paper without mistake.

Sisters Priya Paul and Theresa of the Daughters of St Paul completed the assignment in fourth months.

“Writing the entire New Testament by hand” was an experience of God,” said Sr Priya, director of Pauline Books and Media, Trivandrum.

“It meant giving up many things like watching TV, spending time at the computer, phone calls, extra sleep,” she told Matters India.

The event ‘Scriptura’ Bible writing competition 2014 was initiated from ‘Fiat Mission.”

Sister Priya

Sr Priya described her writing journey through the New Testament: “Whenever I had little free time I rushed to my room and locked in and went on writing. Initially, I found it very difficult to concentrate and made several mistakes in writing. The beginning chapters I had to write four times as there were mistakes. Sometimes I even thought of giving up but something from within forced me to go on.”

For both it meant a lot of sacrifice which they offered creatively.”I offered this sacrifice for all the departed souls, especially for my parents, sister and dear ones, for our congregation and for our mission and all those who are connected with me,” Sister Priya explained.

“As we celebrate our centenary year I too this golden opportunity as a blessing and a challenge to deepen our charism and understand the Word of God,” Priya added.

She said St Paul’s observation in his letter to Hebrews (4:12) says that ‘the Word of God is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword’ became a reality while she wrote the Word. “I experienced peace, joy and a great zeal and love for God and for his Word. Deep within my heart, I felt a restlessness for God and am anxious to proclaim Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life and make Him known to all people with all possible means,” Priya expressed her sentiments.

Sister Theresa, 23, too found the task challenging.

“In spite of the daily heavy schedule in our apostolate I took up this as a challenge to write. It required so much concentration, time as we were expected to write everything as it is in the Bible without mistakes. I experienced the powerful hand of God all the time. While writing this I dedicated my sacrifices for our congregation and for each sister in the province.”

The young nun said the exercise made her understand God’s love and mercy for everyone. “Although I am a sinner, He made me His own. He never looks at the sins that one commits, but sees the heart which loves him dearly. Writing the Word of God helped me to be simple, gentle in my dealing with others, positive outlook to everything and to be a genuine person.”

She said she is grateful to God for “inserting me into his Word and changing my way of life to be a better person to dedicate my life to him in a meaningful way. Jesus who lived on this earth long ago is living today too.”

Sister Theresa also had the temptation to give up the task. But the Lord is stronger than the temptations of the evil one. The Lord has the power to drive out the powers of evil. I took almost four months to write the New Testament. I had to give up my sleep, sometimes there was no time absolutely but I trusted in the providence of God.”

Sister Theresa

She said she tried her best to succeed and “I will always cherish the memory of writing God’s Word, the gift of faith that I received, the love of God I experienced, the inspiration and words of comfort that He bestowed upon me without my knowledge, for making me strong and grow in faith. My hand-written pages were in 932 sheets.”

Fiat Mission began in 2007 as Christ Naga Spiritual Trust an later changed the name as Fiat Mission.

The group offers intercessory prayers and shares the Word of God by organizing retreat in various contries countries. It then chooses people interested in working for God and train them. Among them some are priests and nuns.

To reach the Gospel in uncharted places, they have printed 300,000 copies of the Bible in seven languages.

The total participants of Scriptura in 2014 was1200, including 400 nuns, three priests and four seminarians, aged between 7 to 86.

Among the 3 physically challenged participants, a 14-year-old boy wrote with his leg.

Auxiliary Bishop Aboon Mor Samuel Irenios Kattukallil of Trivandrum Syro Malankara archdiocese distributed the first, second and the third prizes.

On the occasion, the prelate said it is marvelous to see many taking part in the campaign. He said people wrote the New Testament not for the prize, but becaue of their love for the Word of God. “Those who have written the Word have received inner and physical healing,” he added.

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