Pope’s helicopter will carry little patients

Vatican City: Vatican’s helicopter will now on be used to transport kids to and fro Bamabino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome. The agreement was announced by the Vatican City state Governatorate and the hospital on 17th July.

The hospital authorities views is as a commendable gesture of charity, as this would serve in emergencies for saving the lives of many kids, reported CNMN News.

“We are grateful to the Holy See, the Secretary of State and the Governatorate in particular, in the person of the SCV’s Secretary General, Bishop Fernando Vergez Alzaga, for this opportunity, which is given to the Bambino Gesù hospital, and especially to the many young patients from all over Italy, who unfortunately need urgently to reach our hospital,” said Maria Enoc, President of Bambino Gesu Hospital.

The helicopter, known as the Vatican City Heliport, was first used by Pope Paul VI in 1976, and thereon it is occasionally used to transport the Pope and other heads of state. It is kept on a small rectangular landing pad in the Vatican Gardens.

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