Two Salesian priests killed in road accident

Their vehicle overturned while they returning after monthly recollection

Tumkur: Two Salesian priests were killed in a road accident Saturday evening in Karnataka state.

Fathers Thomas Myladoor and Madlemuthu Arulappa were returning from after attending one-day monthly recollection at Ajjanahalli, some 110 km west of Bangalore, when the accident occurred

According to preliminary reports the priests’ vehicle, a jeep, lost control and overturned.

The priests belonged to the Salesian community in Tumkur, some 70 km northeast of Ajjanahalli.

Fr Myladoor was the second provincial of Bangalore Salesian province and Fr Arulappa was the principal of Tumkur Don Bosco School.

Mortal remains of Fr Thomas Myladoor and Fr Madlemuthu Arulappa will be brought to Don Bosco Tumkur on Monday 20th July at 7.30 am.

Funeral is scheduled at 3 pm same dayat Kristu Jyoti College, TC Palayam, Bangalore.

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4 thoughts on “Two Salesian priests killed in road accident

  1. Hi Bro/Sis,

    A single answer I can give you is as Its a Call From God- It was a time for him to go.

    My brother was very sincere, faithful, hard-working and a great source of inspiration. We miss him a lot. His passion was educating the poor and give hope to hopeless.

    in your way if I speak, They have too much of Prayers only they do in the evening to night so finishing that prayer and attending mass- they need to cover the time if they cant they still try since they are the only who can celebrate mass.

    But here The Story Goes,
    As My brother Fr.Madlemuthu Arulappa was celebrated his borthday at first time with My mother and Elder Brother as well with Sister at Tumkur around 9am and cut the care was very very happy and had gone out with them near the village trip came back dropped them in Community.

    Then later he has to go with 7 of the Priest along with out state Priest from DON Basco for retreat near tumkur and magadi Road which was held at noon to evening.
    After finishing with retreat ( prayer) they were coming back and Priest was Driving and Confused with road and took turn in “S” cross Car fell in ditch, it was abt 8.40pm Where as sadness covered place but at late evening my Mother with family was waiting for coming of my brother from prayer but they kept waiting till 10.40pm they were not know abt this Sad news.

    But the news was coming on Kannada TV 9 and news was noticed by Mr. Chinnaraju From Harobele a Secretary of Sir DK Shivkumar and made a call to My father And hole family was not believing the shock.

    *It is not about Several million rupees are “invested” which is not True.
    and They given themselves to serve god which is a credit of millions rupees to people like us.

    *they have a reckless attitude to life:
    -No not at all, they guide people they serve you most.

    *they feel that they are kings of the road?
    – I dont think so they fell that. bze they dedicated their life for the priest hood nearly for 18 years study.

    *Is it because had they not become priests.
    – you know if they don’t want to became priest, they will inform to the family or In-charged priest taking back the Vow and in between their study for priest hood,they can come out and leave as others.
    where else they cant any more go back to study as priest (according to Circumstance).

    *they might never have owned a 4 wheeler?
    7 Priest were their in car accident- as I know is My brother Fr. Madlemuthu Arulappa does not know to drive 4 wheeler.

    Finally: Our Family lot a discipline, sincere, faithful, hard-working and a great source of inspiration. We miss him a lot

  2. I think a scientific study should be made to determine the root causes of an inordinately high number of priests dying in road accidents. Is it, because being celibate, they have a reckless attitude to life? Is it because being “powerful people” they feel that they are kings of the road? Is it because had they not become priests, they might never have owned a 4 wheeler? These are uncomfortable questions, that need an answer. Several million rupees are “invested” in the formation of a priest. Besides the human loss, there is an overall loss to the church. So it is time for a study.

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