Become like sentries for the Lord: Archbishop Moras tells Ad Gentes group

Bengaluru: Applauding the efforts of the Ad Gentes group in Bangalore in being towering witnesses to the Gospel, Archbishop Bernard Moras told the group of families August 4, “Continue to be like faithful sentries performing responsibilities you hold, for the Greater Glory of God”.

In his homily, the Prelate spoke of a man who asked his sentry not to allow anybody into a huge garden he had. When the son tried to enter the garden to relax, the sentry prevented him saying, “Even if you slay me, I will carry out the orders of your dad”. When the boy reported this to his father, the father felicitated the sentry for his faithfulness.

“We are all called to be faithful sentries before the Lord”.

Talking to matters India, the Archbishop said “It is amazing to see the witness these families bear within the context of their daily life situations. They are so content, committed, cheerful and prayerful”. There were three families one with 14 children, 6 and 5 children respectively. The Archbishop added “Their way of life is so much like the earlier Christian Communities where people prayed together and looked to the needs of each other”. 8 priests along with other laity participated the Holy Mass and fellowship.

It may be recalled that during his audience on March 6, Pope Francis sent 31 new missio ad gentes, a total of 200 families with 600 children to various continents. Each Mission has a priest and three or four families with numerous children who bear strong witnesses to the Gospel and the Catholic Faith in the context of their day-to-day life.

The Missio Ad Gentes is present in at least 8 Dioceses in India.

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