Committed to diminish poverty

Knowledge and decision making techniques have chiseled her as a leader in her group

“I have taken an oath to diminish poverty as much as possible for society.”- Suchitra Langal

Married for twenty years, homemaker Suchitra was born in Baruipara village, Singur into a family of farmers. In spite of the difficulties at home she graduated from Serampore Girls’ College, emphasizing the determination of this woman.

She says, “Despite being poor, I did not stop my education, which I believed was the most important weapon against the chains of poverty.”

Even as a child she has been a sensitive and an action-oriented person, not able to tolerate people’s grief. She declares, “If my school friends came without their tiffin, I would arrange the same for them. When I was in college I would give private tuitions to some students and with that money I helped under privileged students to buy their books. Some of them became well established in their lives and it gives me a great pleasure to know that.”

A volunteer with Children International- SAHAY since 2008 she states, “I have gained knowledge about the importance of Health, Nutrition and Education in a child’s life. I now know that a balanced Nutrition is important for every child. Personally I will help children who are malnourished and their families to be educated on their health.”

As a mother she is able to reach out to other mothers with ease and drive home the importance of good, balanced nutrition and maintenance of health.

Working with various people in her community has been very enriching and rewarding for her. Suchitra says “Taking part in different activities, giving advice to various families and as a social worker accomplishing tasks and responsibilities towards people and society at large,” she appends, has helped her work towards an aim in life of reducing poverty.

She also feels that this knowledge gained alongside decision making techniques have chiseled her as a leader in her group.

(Suchitra is a volunteer with Children International-SAHAY (Social Action for Helping All Youth). The Kolkata based NGO works with about 26,000 children and youth in eight districts of West Bengal. SAHAY is affiliated to Children International, Kansas City, U.S.A. More details on

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