St. Stephens passes new constitution

New Delhi: The prestigious St. Stephens College has reportedly passed the new constitution, notwithstanding the controversy surrounding it on Monday.

According to sources the Governing Body which met for discussion on the proposed amendments in the constitution of the varsity has given a go ahead on Monday. Teachers have slammed the move and termed it “completely illegal”.

Sources say the decision comes after the principal of St. Stephens Valson Thampu pushed hard for this controversial change before his term expires next year in February.

Rejecting the move President of Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) and Mathematics teacher at Stephens Nandita Narain termed it “illegal” saying “Thampu in a bid to have one man show is going to destroy this prestigious institution. He is pushing his own agenda. The teachers are going to protest this, this is completely illegal” told The New Indian Express.

The body which was supposed to have two third majority to pass any change was not present, out of the 18 members only 10 members of the governing body were present, ideally there should be at least 12 informed Narian further.

“According to the constitution two meetings have to be held within the span of three months, which did not happen today was the first special meeting, Thampu is pushing this as he does not have the time for the second meeting as his tenure will expire. Also giving such power to the Supreme council which has members of the Church of North India is unwise” Narain added.

The new amendments are going to water down the governing body, and why the Church of North India which has so many institutions is destroying its most precious one, wondered Narain.

Expressing her shock Narain said “When the old constitution was made there was some reason for having more members of academic background in the council than religious, Church is for religious issues. As per the new guidelines the Church will have authority over everything which is going to destroy the academic culture of the college. Thampu is not following the rules.”

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