Konkani write spits venom to divide Goans: NCP

Panaji: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) spokesman Trajano D’Mello questioned veteran freedom fighter, Naguesh Karmali’s intent in charging the church of suppression of Indian culture and ethos when he has not been heard criticizing EDM festivals that have brought “disrepute to Goa”.

Karmali and Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) leaders Uday Bhembre and Arvind Bhatikar’s comments on medium-of-instruction evoked criticism from NCP senior vice-president and also Goa’s seafarers’ community. Karmali had accused the church of suppressing Indian culture by promoting English medium at the primary level.

“Naguesh Karmali and Uday Bhembre are trying to do what the Portuguese failed to do – divide people on religious lines,” D’Mello said. By spitting venom to create hatred amongst communities, they are exposing themselves, The Times of India reported.

“The head of the church has rightly responded by saying that the people who are living in darkness gripped by evil should be shown mercy,” D’Mello said.

Goa’s seafarers community also termed the comments made by BBSM leaders that “the seafarers cannot decide the future of their children because they are seamen” as an insult to them. Ralph Barreto, a seaman, stated, “Both Bhembre and Bhatikar probably do not know that every profession has its own dignity and nobleness.

The seafarers are professionals with levels of education ranging from graduate engineers, masters, diploma holders. Seamen have learnt to live and adjust on the ships sailing across the world and with people of different nationalities.

“The fruits of our toil have enriched our society and today. they are true ambassadors of Goa and its culture,” Barreto said.Cautioning the BBSM,he said the community will come out in large numbers if required to foil their evil plans.

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