‘Say no to crackers’

Dimapur: The “Say no to crackers” campaign launched by concerned citizens of Dimapur received a “thumbs up” sign from majority of Dimapurians who have been accustomed to the barrage of crackers on the eve of every New Year.

Scores of volunteers and individuals drawn from various groups, churches and social media- facebook lined up the stretch of the commercial hub’s “Flyover” Wednesday afternoon to spread the message of the negative impacts of bursting crackers.

Carrying placards some of which read “Let’s have an eco-friendly New Year celebration”, “Save Nature, celebrate New Year the environmental friendly way” and “Let’s fill our home with prayers and light-not with fumes and crackers”, the volunteers also distributed pamphlets on the negative aspects of crackers to every passing vehicle.

Renponi Naga, the person who initiated the campaign on Facebook, said the campaign was a “sudden” event but was reciprocated by various unions, churches and individuals including the Watchman, Believer’s Church, Muslim Council Dimapur, AG Church, Indian Red Cross Society, Cleaning Brothers from East Police Colony and others, Morung Express News reported.

Various speakers including member secretary, Nagaland Pollution Control Board, Rusovil John, also spoke on the harmful effects of bursting of crackers and fireworks.

The campaign kicked off with invocation by Rev Moses Murry, general superintendent of Assembly of God Eastern India.

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