Catholic priest’s body found hanging

The police are investigating the matter

Mysuru: A Catholic priest was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Wednesday in a parish of Mysore diocese.

The diocesan officials have rushed to PG Palaya, some 35 km from Mysore, where Fr Raja Kannu’s body was reportedly found hanging from a fan in the church premises.

The parish in in Charmrajnagar district of Karnataka state.

The circumstances leading to his death are still unknown. The police are investigating the matter.

A local Kannada TV channel has reported that as death occurred early morning on April 13.

The priest with Bishop Vazhappilly on his birthday
The priest with Bishop Vazhappilly

Sources in Mysore described the priest as vibrant, non-controversial, hardworking, spiritual and amicable. “This death is incomprehensible. We can only wait for investigations but for certain the Mysore diocese has lost an able and dedicated priest in the prime of his life,” the sources told Matters India.

Fr Raja Kannu had celebrated his 56th birthday on April 9.

He was born on April 9, 1960 and studied in St Philomena’s School and college in Mysore.

His previous posting was in Gundulpet parish on the border of Ooty and Mysore. He had also served as the parish priest of St Joseph’s Church Mandya.

Many priests and lay people in Mysore regarded him as an able administrator and a pastoral-minded parish priest.

The P G Palaya parish church plans a Mass at 5 pm on Wednesday, according to the bishop’s secretary.

The funeral Mass is scheduled at 11 am on Thursday, April 14, at Jagery parish.

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7 thoughts on “Catholic priest’s body found hanging

  1. May his soul rest in peace. At the same time all are wanting to know how he died.. It is very unusual but this kind of death occurring every now and then among the religious which give us all a big question mark. I hope the truth of his death will come out very soon. So sad………………………

  2. A soldier safeguards a Nation’s sovereignty. A priest (irrespective of religions) indoctrinates the principles of Humanity/Divinity in the Society.
    Both the cases, the Death(whatever the causes /form) is an honour in the altar of the Nation / GOD.

  3. It is non compensatory loss of life snubbed when blooming full in service to humanity. Father Rajakannu continues to live in our hearts and his work reflects in generations to come. His simplicity cannot be caged in word but evident in his deeds. Truly a Shepard who knew the needs of his flock. May our Lord and Savior bless him abundantly in eternal life. We grieve

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