Journey Within

Sonnets every hearts sings

Sonnets every hearts sings

Quills Ink publishing; Rs. 300.00; Pages:103; 2015

Sonnets are always an enchantment to read. It really makes you happy and you feel like singing while reading it. The author has superbly written each sonnet direct from the heart. One must read this book.

The author Joshua Anglo is from Nagpur city in central India. A software engineer by profession, it is his passion composing poems.

It was in 2015 that his dormant talent was discovered when his friend accidently read one of his poems. “He then motivated me to compose poems and that’s how I recognized my inherent talent. Writing poems gives me immense peace and contentment,” reminiscences Joshua.

“We all have some inherent talent with us, we all are special. Let’s discover that talent and achieve our dreams,” Joshua exhorts the readers and suggests his favorite verse: “No matter what happens, never stop, never fear nor worry. Just have faith and move ahead”

Of all the Journeys one takes in their lifetime, the most profound one is “Journey within.” That helps us to re-discover our self and improvises us. This book is not just a collection of poems that are written throughout the years, but it’s the personal journey of the author’s varied experiences that he gladly shares with the readers.

Every experience, story, feeling that touched his heart, which he has been through, that has shaped him and moulded him, he has put them into words and a new poem was born.

It is the wish of the author that the reader relates to his poems, re-live their own experiences and their heart smiles remembering some part of their own life. Even though outwardly we might all be different, but within, we all have the same feelings and the same heart. So take a journey within and be amazed.

The cover of the book is pleasing and apt with the title and poems. The blurb is crisp and perfectly explained the description of the poems. Each poem is beautifully written from the heart. It makes you travel within yourself in search of love, hope, and inspiration.

It encourages you to love yourself. Each poem is like a lyrics and makes you sing to the tune while reading. The poems reflect an Author’s journey of his soul and one can easily get connected with each poem. As a reader, I loved every poem written by the Author but my favorite and worth sharing is:

Ode to Friendship
Isn’t it amazing?
How out of the crowd, mere stranger becomes our friend one day;
They create memorable moments in heart till they stay;
And then;
Again become part of the crowd, as life takes us on different way.
But their memories nothing in this world can take away.
Every heart leaps with joy on getting a friend.
Every eye cried;
On departing from a friend.
Friendship gives life a blissful name.
Even with our flaws, friends love us the same.
Some friends became close by being away;
Some became distant even being a step away.
From some, we realize life’s simplicity;
From some, we learn life’s audacity.
Some bring a new change in our life;
In Someone’s life, our impression is rife.
In someone, we get solutions to our strife.
It’s a relation between hearts no one understands.
It’s the most soothing shade;
Under the world’ sweltering sun;
Beneath which everyone stands.
Someone goes all the way to help you;
To reach out to someone, we change our ways too.
Of all relations in this world, only friendship is true.
From all evils, friendship is a sole cure.
Someone might have fallen in love with their friend.
Someone’s friendship for their love knows no end.
Friends are those with whom you can be yourself.
Friendship is an eternal relation that never pretends.
It never borrows anything, it only lends.
From one heart to another;
Only the feelings of purity and amnesty it sends.

It’s true some strangers can become a very good friend and make you laugh and teach you an important lesson of life. They really make you happy. If you love to read poems grab this book and I am sure you will love it.

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