A Broken Man

In the book “Unposted Letters” the author says Sales managers make the mistake of working with the under-producers and non-performers, trying to get them to be more productive, while the top performers go unattended and are taken for granted. Focus on the strong and make them stronger.

This striking thought flashed before me when I read the book A BROKEN MAN.

Krishna, a Dalit boy was looking for an opportunity to shine and make himself known in the University Campus. He wanted to show that he was talented and was capable like any other young men. But no one seemed to take notice of him until the the college elections came around. But he failed to realize the connivance of those who had made a choice on him for their own vested interests. So at their behest he innocently opposed the Brahmin girl who with right motive tried to motivate and inform the students of their rights and privileges.

When he challenged her she was not least offended or surprised, but was clever enough to recognize his innocence. She did not go in search of those who had hired him for their purpose, but she went in search of the“brave one.”

Krishna was taken by surprise when the “beautiful girl” who he admired from afar, standing near him and talking to him; offering him water from her own bottle and allowing him to drink from it; sharing the simple food he had cooked for him and his friend. Why, this high caste Brahmin girl is respecting me? he wondered, while those who had hired him still despised him, made him sit on the floor, threw away the glasses from which he drank water.

She is different! Why so? Why is she respecting me as an equal?

He respected her and found in her a person of worth. And he was not going to allow anyone to take away her life?So he plunged into action, when he saw the fire spreading over her. It did not matter whether he would get burned, his concern was her safety.

He was rewarded for his bravery.

Yes, this is the boy who became famous KK Sahib, and whom Ram Singh Yadav met at RK Studio in Mumbai.

His friend had told him that KK was in search of a driver. Meeting with KK changed the destiny of a farmer from a village in Bihar into a driver in the city of Mumbai.As his friend had rightly said, Ram Singh found in KK a beautiful understanding, kind person.

And during their long journey to Lucknow KK unfolded his transformation from Krishna Kumar to KK, and the story behind his growth as a well-known scriptwriter.His thoughts flew back as the car sped ahead. Her gentle yet power voice resounded in his heart.

“It totally depends on us what we want to become. Your upbringing has been in a hostile and tough environment which has led to this angst building up within you, for years. What do you want to change, the environment that you can’t or yourself that you can.”

“Try becoming a sieve. Let go of all negativities and prosecution complexes inside and build on the wonderful inherent potential that you have, like your writing and the courage to fight the odds.”

“It is short for Krishna Kumar, Once you become a famous writer, your name will be a bit too long for others to say. KK is crisper,” he recalled her words.

The story is good. I felt the title would have been A BROKEN WOMAN.

Author:Akash Verma

Published By: Srishti Publishers

Pp 224; Rs 195; 2016



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