‘Sangh maligning Mother Teresa to foil PM’s Vatican trip’

New Delhi: Worried over “the increased attacks” calling Mother Teresa a “conversion activist” at a time when Prime Minister Modi has expressed interest in attending her canonisation ceremony in the Vatican in September, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India is planning to write to Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah seeking action against the BJP members who had levelled the allegations against the missionary.

“It is sad to see Mother Teresa, who served thousands of people without any ulterior motives, accused of being involved in a conspiracy to Christianise India. What is more saddening is the fact that she is being attacked like this at a time when Prime Minister Modi has announced his intention to represent India at the canonisation event which will be watched closely by the international community,’’ a Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India office-bearer told Express.

He was alluding to a statement by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath who accused Teresa of using her social work as a cover for proselytism. “Mother Teresa was part of a conspiracy for the Christianisation of India. Christianisation has led to separatist movements in parts of northeast India, including in Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland,” Adityanath said at a religious programme in Uttar Pradesh recently.

The Church feels that hardliners in the Sangh who don’t want Modi to attend the function are increasingly attacking Teresa, and the Church. “The timing of these attacks is quite crucial. It is obvious that they don’t want the PM to attend the Vatican function,’’ said the priest, The Indian Express reported.

BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy too had joined the anti-Teresa bandwagon saying Yogi’s were not “isolated” views. Last year, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat alleged that Teresa had aimed to convert people to Christianity. “We had met the PM immediately after the RSS chief’s comment. But the PM was so happy to be invited and evinced great interest. We hope the BJP hardliners will let him attend the Vatican function,’’ the priest added.

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3 thoughts on “‘Sangh maligning Mother Teresa to foil PM’s Vatican trip’

  1. If PM Modi does or does not attend the canonization of Mother Teresa, it will be his own choice and decision. He is a brilliant politician and statesman. The CBCI must not stoop to conquer.

  2. Dear Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of India,
    Greetings in Our Blessed Mother and Our dear Lord and Saviour. I’m an RC(Latin) of Chennai, a retired Forest officer, blessed with three daughters and four grandkids. May I share my humble views on this issue of a couple of politicians maligning Mother Teresa?
    I understand that as office-bearers of CBCI, your Lordships may like to take some action. Well, dear Lordships, let us please remember that we are observing an extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. To my simple mind, such provocations are opportunities to live this special year and bear witness to His Love and Mercy. And how should we do that? By writing to Government to take action against such foul mouths? By going in a delegation to the PM with a petition and a personal request? Would such actions be in line with what He taught us? And how He reacted in such or even more provocative situations? Take, for instance, the accusation of driving out devils through Beelzebul.
    So, my dear Lordships, let us make good use of such an opportunity to question the truth behind such wild accusations, just as He taught us. If Mother Teresa’s goal was Christianisation of India, then how do we account for such a microscopic minority of Christians, given her popularity and appeal? As a matter of fact, the latest census shows a decline in the Christian population of India as compared with the previous census. Mother Teresa doesn’t need anyone to defend her, does she? The whole world knows her and admires her. A couple of half-baked detractors should not bother us at all. As for the worry that the PM my cancel his Vatican trip, I think he wouldn’t, because he knows that he cannot afford to antagonize Mother Teresa’s followers and all right-minded people all over the world by doing so. Indeed it may cost him dear and his party very dear.
    Let us therefore begin by forgiving those “wise” men, who do not know what they are doing. In such severe pain and torment He appealed to Our Father to forgive those who challenged Him. Yes, He said that His Kingdom is not of this world, for if it were so, then His men would fight to save Him. Protests, processions, dharnas, or even burning of public property are typically actions of this world. Let us show the other cheek and truly love our enemies by offering a public prayer of forgiveness for them.
    Affectionately yours in Our Loving Father,
    K.Jude Sekar.

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