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Mohenjo Daro 

The music is composed by AR Rahman, while the lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar

Ashutosh Gowariker and AR Rahman has given some really great chartbusters whenever they have worked together, be it Lagaan, Swades or Jodhaa Akbar. When Ashutosh moved away from Rahman and worked with Sohail Sen for his next two film, the results were not very flattering! Now that he returns to work with Rahman again for Mohenjo Daro, a historical (or fantasy) adventure film starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde.

So will their combination work again for the fourth time?

Mohenjo Mohenjo  , the title track is immersed in tribal tunes, with the drumbeats and hoosha hoosha sounds. We have no clue as to what kind of music they played during the times of Indus civilization, no one does. But  tribal music does not look like the right alternative. Anyway, giving Rahman that opportunity of creative liberty, the song is still a pretty average composition, save for Arijit Singh’s wonderful singing.

Sindhu Ma is a bit of relief  especially after the lacklustre title song. It’s not Rahman’s best song, not even his better ones, but definitely a pleasant one though. Rahman has experimented a lot with the beats here to give the song an international appeal. Again tribal portions could have been avoided, and  couldn’t understand what was Rahman singing in a few stanzas. However, the female singer Sanah Moidutty is fantastic and so are the lyrics by Javed Akhtar. An okay song.

The first stanza of Sarsariya sounds like a Tamil song. Then Hindi lyrics came in and the confusion went away. Sarsariya is definitely a interesting romantic song…it takes some time to grow on you, and Shashaa Tripathi’s soft vocals are wonderful. Shashwat Singh on the other hand is just plain normal. One of the better songs of the album…yet not a Rahman gem!

Tu Hai is the romantic reprise of the earlier Sindhu Ma song. It breaks no great grounds, Rahman’s singing is just mechanical, and there are still darned tribal sounds .  Sanah Moidutty is surely a singer to look out for; she is brilliant again. Tu Hai just for being a good romantic song, earns a brownie point!

These are two musical pieces in the album that are strangely more interesting that the actual songs in the album. In fact their place would have been better in some audio tape for a meditative session, as the music is filled with voices of the nature, backed by Arjun Chandy’s vocals. In Whispers of the Hear, there are female voices backing the main vocals.

The Shimmer of Sindhu is an instrumental piece of Tu Hai which hopefully will good to listen to whenever it is being played in the film.

Lakh Lakh Thora is an instrumental version of Sarsariya. If you liked the original song, you might like it. If not, skip it!

The Mohenjo Daro trailer itself has got some pretty divisive reactions from the viewers, so it’s really tragic that Academy Award-winning AR Rahman could do nothing much to boost the film for us. Save for Tu Hai, this is easily one of his blandest soundtracks ever, and for his most ardent fans,bit  disappointed!  So it’s on  Hrithik and Ashutosh, to save the film!



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