Jesus statue vandalised in Mumbai

Mumbai: A statue of Jesus Christ was vandalised by unknown persons at Juhu Tara road in Mumbai on Sunday. An NGO called the Watchdog Foundation has also claimed that a police officer tampered with evidence related to the incident.

The NGO has demanded that the police officer be also booked along with the attackers, reported CNN-News18.

“Even if all the churches were destroyed, would people stop their work of mercy and compassion? The fundamentalist agenda never works,” Father Francis Gonsalves, theology expert, told CNN-News18.

This incident is being reported on the day when Mother Teresa, the nun whose work with the dying and destitute of Kolkata made her a global icon of Christian charity, was made a saint.

Her elevation to Roman Catholicism’s celestial pantheon came in a canonisation mass in St Peter’s square in the Vatican that was presided over by Pope Francis in the presence of 100,000 pilgrims.

“For the honour of the Blessed Trinity… we declare and define Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Kolkata) to be a Saint and we enroll her among the Saints, decreeing that she is to be venerated as such by the whole Church,” the pontiff said in Latin.

The ceremony came a day before the 19th anniversary of Teresa’s death in Kolkata, where she spent nearly four decades tending to the poorest of the poor.

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6 thoughts on “Jesus statue vandalised in Mumbai

  1. Let us not jump to the conclusion but wait till the police catch the culprit. Bishop of Kadapa was kidnapped and beaten by Catholic Priests. Our own priests were allegedly involved in the murder of Fr Thomas, the Rector of a seminary at Bangalore. It is not correct to blame others without ascertaining the facts.

  2. The rulers of the nation only shed crocodile tears instead of bringing the culprits of such heinous crimes to stringent punishment. The pathetic situation of law and order in the country is that the Police and other law enforcing authorities give their indirect and in this case the direct approval for such crimes. The fact that a police officer has destroyed evidence points out that he is actively involved in the crime. The circumstantial evidence provides conclusive proof that the police has a hand in it. or on whose instigation the police tampered with the evidence? These are questions that needs to be answered.

  3. The history repeats everything in its turn, each time Jesus Christ is wounded. He was wounded when He lived in the world, but the centurion acclaimed- ‘Look He is truly the Son of God’
    today a daughter of the church is hailed high, the enemy is restless. But he cannot stop the works of God, that is the works of mercy. Let the soul experience the mercy of God for the action and turn to Hom in repentance.

  4. How intolerant are the people. Who will punish he personnel involved in the vandalism that leaves a flurry of Woundedness not only among Christians……One can lament only with the Psalmist I say to God my Rock,My bones suffer mortal agony as my foes taunt me, saying to me all day long, where is you God?

    Let our faith become the tool of the punishment.
    The indifference of the Government will go on > These devils would not have dared if the government punished the culprits stringently.The faithful have had Similar unfortunate recurring incidents in the recent past. In most of the case these goons are let free……
    to carry on

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