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New Year wishes for Mother India 

By Rosalin Hansda MD

India is named “the golden bird” because of its richness in agriculture to mountain, diversity in food to clothes, money to gold, and the wealthiest of all.

India has gone through many battles and bruises, but still stands gloriously among all nations today. As we step into a new year, I wish that India become an ideal country for the world — richer, healthier and happier.

I look forward to furtherance in the field of science, agriculture, innovation and education. India has grown gloriously in the past over the years. New technologies have been introduced. I expect in the next year India to be a leading country in new technology, we should manufacture products of need in our country itself.

More focus has to be given on education, as lack of literacy is a barrier in development of the country. Millions of people are still in darkness of illiteracy and ignorance. It has to be made sure that every educated youth gets a job of one’s choice.

Agriculture is the backbone of economy. More facilities have to be provided to farmers. Due to lack of proper facilities farmers are leaving their lands and migrating to urban areas in search of work. They have to be educated on new technologies and encouraged for farming.

India is on the ascendency—”power to overcome all peril.” India must protect our hard earned freedom. Our country believes in the policy of “ahimsa” (non-violence) and I hope in the fourth coming days. India follows the policy of truth and ahimsa. It should use nuclear power for peace rather than war.

The big breach between the rich and poor has to be filled. Corruption has sipped in all walks of life. We Indians need to unite and clean the dirt of corruption. I wish the feeling of casteism and regionalism to vanish forever. A beautiful thing we have is our diversity. We Indians should appreciate, embrace and should be proud of it.

Our Constitution promises of equal right for both genders but women are deprived of their rights, women are harassed and tortured. To overcome the gender inequality many schemes have been introduced, still women’s position is low in many respects in reality. In future India I hope women could play greater roles in all the fields. Society should respect and stop objectifying women. India should be free of gender-bias and inequality.

Indians be proud of what we are, and we are born in India because God wanted us to be here for a special and specific reason. May God watch over India and protect her from all the evils. Wish you all a happy New Year and Emmanuel “god is with us.”

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2 Responses to New Year wishes for Mother India

  1. Smrutirekha Das

    Wooooow very well written.. Happy New Year To you too..

  2. Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Happy New Year to all.