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Give first priority to poor: Archbishop Moras 

By Adolf Washington

Bengaluru: Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore on January 11 urged people to give preferential option to the poor and marginalized.

“The poor and marginalized should have the first place in our hearts,” the prelate said while opening a Commission for Minorities at Paalana Bhavan adjacent to his official residence in Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka state.

The head of more than 4 million Catholics in the southern Indian city stressed the need to reach the benefits of various government schemes to people in need and go the ‘extra mile’ in helping those requiring guidance.

The Catholic Church, he noted, has contributed more than 20 percent of India’s growth in terms of education, healthcare and charities.

The gathering included superiors of various religious houses and volunteers from various pious societies.

The prelate also explained various privileges and schemes available to religious minority communities and marginalized people. “Quite often we are not aware of the privileges available to us,” he regretted.

Commission Office Secretary Fr. Arockisamy Aruldas told media persons there was a need to thank the government for helping minorities. “It is not happy persons who are thankful but thankful people who are happy,” he added.

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