Indian ethical hacker enters Google’s Hall of fame

Sreedeep Alavil from Kannur district in the southern India state of Kerala has been chosen to the coveted Google Hall of Fame.

Sreedeep was given the recognition for spotting a bug known as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), wherein a hacker can execute malicious scripts to a legitimate website or web applications. Google is reported to be currently working to fix this issue.

Google has always promoted people to report bugs and vulnerabilities in their products and help better them through their ‘Google Vulnerability Reward Program’ .

Their Hall of Fame features over 1000 people who have contributed in making Google products safer. Very recently, Google revealed that they have given out $550,000 to Android security researchers.

Researchers and bug hunters are listed in the order of the severity of the vulnerability detected . Sreedeep’s name comes in Page 48 of the total 73 pages in the Hall of Fame.

Apart from Google, technical giants like Microsoft and Facebook also runs programs such as ‘Bug Bounty’ to reward the security researchers to report issues, and to encourage more people to help keep the applications secure.

Sreedeep currently works as volunteer commander at Cyberdome, which is a technological research and development Centre of Kerala Police for technology augmentation to aid effective policing.

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