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Lay evangelist pleads for exorcists in India 

Adolf Washington

Bengaluru: A leading lay missionary in India regrets the lack of exorcists to heal demonically possessed in the country.

“Today we see many who don’t know where to go for help, as many priests send them to psychiatrists. Our prayer and ambition is to have an exorcist appointed in India to help the many who are afflicted,” says Christopher Correya.

The lay missionary who has travelled throughout India and abroad told Matters India that he got interested in the ministry of deliverance after his wife failed to find someone of help her.

Correya, full-time Evangelist for 21years, is the director of the Light of Christ Covenant Community, a full member of the Glory of God International Covenant Community.

Talking of demonic possessions and the confusion of psychological ailments Correya says, “The first step is discernment and in most cases we ask for a psychological evaluation.”

“At first look we may not be able to detect but after counseling we would definitely come to know. Many do not believe. Some out of fear and others out of ignorance, most religious fall in the second category,” he added.

Correya regretted that priests and nuns are the first to deny the existence of the Devil. “People tend to believe and put their faith in priests. So when they deny the existence of the Devil so do the people,” he added.

Indian exorcist trainers at last year’s conference

Bengaluru, a southern Indian city where Correya is based, will host the fourth International Course on Deliverance scheduled for September 10-16. He said they have already received good responses from across India. The main speaker at the program is Father Marcello Ghirlando, an exorcist from Malta.

Commenting on seminary formation with regard to exorcism, Correya said, “The topic of exorcism is nowhere in the seminary, I take a half-day session at St. Peter’s Seminary during the pastoral course. We can’t blame the priests as they do not have any knowledge of the topic.”

He said Rome conducts a one week course for priests and he attended it recommended by Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore.

“I really wish” he added “that all priests could be exorcists. But the truth is that all priests can pray for deliverance. Official exorcists are appointed by the bishop to take care of the possessed in the diocese,” he explained.

Correya also cautions “there should be an awareness not to frighten the people but to educate them on the topic. Especially our youth, who the Devil is snatching from under our noses.”

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12 Responses to Lay evangelist pleads for exorcists in India

  1. Sunil Thomas

    I suppose God is superstition as well.

  2. Maria Rex Paul

    I am interested to join the training program

  3. Vincent

    Everyone is entitled to hold his or her views on the subject. However, the words in any holy book need not be taken too literally. Those words were pronounced for the people of that period of time who had very little understanding of the world around them.

  4. Rajesh

    Demons & Evil Spirits are as real as anyone posting here, Jesus was tempted by the Devil and he drove away and delivered so many spirits during his ministry on Earth. Denying the existence of the Devil is denying the Gospel and the work of Christ on the cross.

    Calling them as superstitions is exactly what he wants us to think. Thereby making himself unknown, the very next step is terming all sin as psychological problems or behaviour issue. This is exactly why we need this ministry revived and preached so that less informed and ill informed christians can stand up for the Truth.

  5. Vincent

    Demons and evil spirits are psychological disorders.

  6. Chhotebhai

    One needs to tread with extreme caution as there is no definitive confirmation of anything only circumstantial evidence that is subject to various interpretation

  7. Iv

    Br pls read the Bible nothing is superstition from Bible. Haven’t you read about evil spirits and demons healed by Jesus?

  8. Jisha

    Dear brother Bible talks on the existence of demons and devil.

  9. Monica

    It’s the fact not superstition

  10. Monica

    This is not superstition its fact

  11. Vincent

    Christianity already has many superstitions. Let’s not add one more to it.

  12. Rajesh

    The truth. Well stated