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Migrants in Bengaluru taught legal rights 

Adolf Washington

Bengaluru: Around 190 tribals and other Hindi speaking people on March 19 attended a legal awareness program for migrants in Bangalore, southern India.

The Migrant Commission of Bangalore Archdiocese organized the program as part of its initiatives to empower migrants with a platform to voice their constitutional rights as citizens of India.

The program was organized under the banner “Jagriti Sammelan” (awareness conference) at the Jesuit-managed Indian Social institute. Migrants Bengal, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and northeastern India attended it along with priests and nuns engaged in providing succor to migrants in Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka state.

The media has often reported discrimination against migrants in Bengaluru, a cosmopolitan city teeming with people from various cultures and ethnic background.

Richard P Gonsalves, program manager for Labour and Migrants at the ISI, enlightened participants on the basic human rights and essential labor support available for the migrants.

Pawan Kuldip Kerketta from Orissa, a state that witnessed vendetta against Christians, alerted participants “The constitution of India and the fundamental rights are safeguarding everyone and one should not sideline it by compromising to situations”. Osbin Kindo from Orissa opined “I am delighted that my rights and duties especially working far from my native gives me sense of security to live”.

Claretian Father Johny Mathew, a lawyer, enlightened participants on issues of Juvenile Justice while enunciating legal rights of migrant workers and avenues for legal recource in their work scenario. Jesus Mary and Joseph Sister Shobha working for women empowerment at Dream India Projects in Bengaluru shared input about women empowerment in relation to migrant women and issues regarding their care and security.

Jesuit priest Father Francis Guntuppilly, a pioneer in the ministry of migrants in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, informed participants of legal resources available to migrants in times of need.

Redemptorist Father Ignance Dungdung and secretaries of the commission FJesuit Father Martin Puthussery and Sacred Heart Father Shaju Kalappurakkal animated the sessions.

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