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North Bengal scholars discuss research projects 

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Siliguri: A group of scholars from North Bengal came together to present their research projects and discuss them with experts and fellow academicians.

The day-long program was held at Salesian College Siliguri Campus (SCSC) on March 18. This was 16th Annual Research Scholars’ Workshop initiated by the principal of Salesian College Sonada (SCS) and SCSC Father George Thadathil and organized by Salesian Research Centre Siliguri.

Nine Research scholars from five colleges of North Bengal University (NBU) and Sikkim University along with some 20 plus academicians participated in the research scholars’ workshop.

Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, NBU, Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya was the resource person at the workshop.

Coordinator of the workshop from SCSC Head of Department of Commerce Moushakhi Ray said, “The objective of the workshop is to provide a platform to share new ideas and research projects in varied disciplines under the theme/concept ‘Sharing and Learning.’”

The moderator of the event Principal Fr. (Prof) Thadathil explained the workshop concept saying, “It is a platform for scholars to clarify, negotiate and receive constructive feedback from peers and experts engaged in research.”

Dr. Bhattacharya, spoke on ethics in research and gave valuable insights and suggestions for conducting research. He also discussed Regression Model Analysis and assured assistance to budding researchers.

The topics of research presented included “Representation of Mother Teresa in the Calcutta Press between 1948 and 1962: An Exploratory Study”¨ by C.M Paul (SCS); ¨Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India: An Evaluation” by Dibyendu Bhattacharya (St. Xavier’s College); A Study of Manual Scavengers by Veera Lobo (SCSC); Historical Roots of Public Sphere in Colonial Darjeeling by Privat Giri (Sikkim University); Software Design Patterns of MCV (Model, Controller, View) by Yadika Prasad (SCSC); Viability of Regional Rural Bank and Purpose to Serve Low Income Segment in the Society by Prosenjit Bhowmik (SCSC); Investment Pattern of Salaried Individuals by Risha Chettri (SCSC); Trends in Credit Growth by Surendra Kumar Saha (SCSC); and Critical Analyses of Micro Finance in Relation to SHG & NABARD by Sulekha Das (Surya Sen College).

“The workshop enabled the research scholars to look at their research from fresh perspectives and incorporate the comments and suggestions,” said one of the presenters Risha Chettri.

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One Response to North Bengal scholars discuss research projects

  1. Dr Roy Chwdhury

    Very encouraging news from North Bengal. Wish more regions will form such academic circles to promote research fraternity on contemporary issues to contribute to the regional knowledge repository to effect policy change.