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Businessman gifts 100-million-rupee church to Kerala parishioners 

By George Kommattathil

Kozhikode: History was made in Kerala recently when a Syro-Malabar businessman built a 100-million rupee church for Latin parishioners.

Bishop Varghese Chakkalakal of Calicut Latin diocese on April 19 blessed the Holy Redeemer Parish in Vellimadukunnu, a suburb of Kozhikode (formerly Calicut), Kerala’s third largest town.

Bishop Remigiose Inchananiyil of Thamarassery, a Syro-Malabar diocese, joined hundreds of laymen, nuns and priests from all three Catholics ritual Churches at the ceremonies.

“Usually we watch a rivalry among different rites in Kerala. By building a church for the Latin rite he has built a more marvelous example for all Catholic and it is a tall testimony that we are all one,” Roy Augustine, Catholic journalist in Kozhikode, told Matters India on April 25.

The Catholic Church in India comprises Latin, Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara rites.

Dinu Joby, a Vellimadukunnu parishioner, said their 80-year-old parish had no church building until now. “We were using the chapel of a convent for services until now. God has heard our prayers,” he told Matters India.

The church was built by George Sebastian Kizhakkeyil, a native of Peravoor, a parish under Tellicherry Syro-Malabar archdiocese.

Bishop Chakkalakal said Kizhakkeyil came to him with the Vellimadu parish priest for permission to build a church for 20 million rupees. “I gave him the permission to build the church of his dream,” the prelate told Matters India on April 23. “He built a marvelous church within 700 days,” he added.

>Kizhakkeyil designed the church that ultimately cost a total of 100 million rupees. “God has blessed him abundantly,” the bishop said.

Kizhakkeyil, who has worked in the Persian Gulf for the past 30 years, said building the church was his long cherished dream. The automobile engineer dedicated the church to the memory of his priest uncle, who died at the age of 48.

The idea came to him from his wife Chinnamma, who “compelled me to undertake the project,” he added.

The layman, who is engaged in automobile business in Qatar, said he travelled extensively to find a suitable design. “I have spent a lot of time drawing a super design for the church,” he added. He also supervised the construction and handed over the key to Bishop Chakkalakal after the blessing.

A Pradeepkumar, who represents the area in the Kerala legislative assembly, finds the church “very beautiful and spacious” at a prime location. “The architecture is astonishing and this church will be a priceless gift to the people of Calicut,” he added.

Kizhakkeyil, who has bought a house in Kozhikode, had left Kerala for Bahrain with a diploma from Calicut. He started the automobile business in that country, but later shifted to Qatar.

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6 Responses to Businessman gifts 100-million-rupee church to Kerala parishioners

  1. Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Praying together and serving one another in times good and not so good foster community making and society reshaping.

  2. Fr.Joseph Anithottam

    May God bless Mr.George Sebastian Kizhakkeyil abundantly. May the future prelates – the bishops of Kerala come from his clan. Let the heads of the Syro-malabar and Syro Malankara rites hold their heads in shame and stop building parishes in Latin rite jurisdiction. Let them send their priests to proclaim the Good News rether than creating rivalry among the rites. Let the priests evangelise the masses rather than go in search of the Syro-Malabar and Malankara families. The peopel are happy and satisfied in the place where they live without rite rivalry. The faithful want is the sacraments not the rite. Three kudos to Kizhakkeyil. :et his clan increase and open the eye of the rite’s heads. Let them at least learn the broadmindedness of Kizhakeyil who went beyond the rite to see the need of the people who were using the convent chapel of the Bridgettine sisters in Calicut for many decades.

  3. chhotebhai

    The only positive part of this story is the contribution from one Rite to another. So congratulations to the donor.


    I salute this great man George Sebastian.

  5. K C. Thomas

    Here the charity is from a member of SyroMalabar Malabar Church. There is no ban for giving charity by members,if the purpose is not anti-Christian The credit does not go to the SyroMalabar Malabar Church or bishop but to Kizhakeyil only.There is no unity among the three rites in many matters. Why a church was not constructed at Kandhmal by the SyroMalabar Malabar and SyroMalabar malankara churches ? Because Kandhmal is Latin rite ?

  6. Tom

    It is observed that Syro-Malabar laity mostly found free, donating and collaborating (missionary contribution) with other rites priests and bishops . And lay initiatives and organisations are recognised by other rite bishops than own church. Most of the lay initiatives are miss interpreted by the clerics and jealous religious preoccupied with schools (who rarely do their basic duty as religious). Syromalabar church is dominated and ruled by rich religious and bishops who rarely care the mission. To see the major archbishop, religious has no much restrictions but for the lay organisations the way is – too hard – to see their father of the church. By regulation first get written permission from the parish priest, which is rare to get (sorry to say due to jealousy) and then signature from the bishop that still interlinked and practically not possible. Maximum lay initiatives are restricted by the Syro-Malabar Quria these days as earlier. It is easy for a lay initiatives to get approved by Pope Francis from Rome than it’s own church head in same state. So they rely on other rites’ bishops to do their due aproval, for example shalom Chanel is chaired by malankara church major archbishop why?(syromabar church with their religious started Jeevan tv Chanel. There was rarely any Christian program they scheduled, with the view of secular nature. therefore neither seculare people could apriciate the Chanel due to its poor quality nor the Catholic population unlike shalom prayerfulness. At last all know what is the net result. Duplicating shalom Chanel divine Chanel, some how came up), Akasha paravakal (birds of the air) of fr.kuttickal, I think to get an initial aproval, they had to get Delhi archbishop’s support after all their toil failing in its own church. I don’t know what about Fiat mission which incomparable mission done which northindian Kerala clerics could not do with its more than major 4 religious congregations and their bishops since 50 years.
    get rid of the jealousy and be prepared for mission, then lay initiatives will become a collaboration other wise laity will be a thorn. Start mission. Syromalabar church is yet to start mission think newly keep the old boa stings. What they did so far is only accommodating their jealous behaviour. Mission is yet a new topic for this church in fact. It may b missionary church in theory.