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CBSE warns schools against selling books, uniforms 

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has told schools affiliated to it that educational institutions are not commercial establishments and sale of books, uniforms and stationery by them is a violation of norms.

An advisory has been issued following complaints from parents and stakeholders that schools are indulging in commercial activities by way of selling books and uniforms within the school premises or through selected vendors.

“The board has taken a serious view of the complaints and the schools are directed to desist from the unhealthy practice of coercing parents to buy text books, note books, stationary, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc from within the premise or from selected vendors only,” a communication sent to schools read.

“CBSE norms mandate that schools are run as community service and not as a business and that commercialisation does not take place in the school in any shape whatsoever. Educational institutions are not commercial establishments and their sole purpose is to provide quality education,” it added.

The CBSE also reiterated its directive to schools to stick to books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). “The Board receives reports and complaints regarding the pressure exercised by schools on children and their parents to buy textbooks other than [that of] NCERT,” it said.

Following complaints about shortage of NCERT books, the CBSE had asked schools to raise online indent for NCERT textbooks and more than 2,000 schools had participated in that, The Hindu reported.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar recently said that NCERT textbooks have been supplied to 2,000 private schools.

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2 Responses to CBSE warns schools against selling books, uniforms

  1. tom

    if you are doing charity even in selling books and earning, why the parents are complaining about it and why CBCI at last spoke it out? such bad cry against catholic institutions was not known in the past. now a days morally low and undisciplined religious are in the education ministry of the church in India. it is high time to remove such mode of education institution from the status of catholic ministry. these schools are most of the time barriers for parish general activities, in the name of no time for us(-they have to do business all the time, no time for Christ and church- day and night in the school AC Rooms enjoying in the name catholic school),
    earlier we had only one or two religious notorious as Cash Making Institutions but now all the religious and the diocesan schools are queuing behind them. if the church has no moral stand to stop them don’t worry modi sarkar will do it. church will naturally be vibrant even bishops and responsible persons silent in front of all perversions. it is holy spirit leading the church. modi sarkar will be the best missionaries who revive Christianity in India from its bad dirt.

    if you are very genuine about book selling please give the account in the site let the people know your positive.


    CBSE schools selling books is not to be considered as a business in the school. It is perhaps the best way to make sure that all students have their books on time. It is a help for parents who need not be worried to go and search for various books. All will have to think of the practical side of it and not it’s negative feedback from a few. But if books are sold for profit then it is to be checked.