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DNA test proves arrested priest is biological father 

Kannur: Fr. Robin Vadakkumchery, who was arrested for raping and impregnating a minor girl in Kottiyoor of Kannur, is the biological father of the infant, DNA tests have reportedly proved.

The DNA test was conducted at the Forensic laboratory of Thiruvananthapuram, after police found that the survivor and her family had shifted the infant to an orphanage in Wayanad immediately after the delivery. DNA samples of the child, Robin and infant’s mother were tested.

The priest was arrested three weeks after the delivery on February 28.

Police say that more details can be given only after they receive the DNA results. But they have confirmed to The News Minute that the results prove that the priest is the father.

Father Robin, who was posted at the Church run by Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady (Wayanad) in Kannur district almost two-and-a-half years ago, also served as the manager of a school attached to the church. The survivor was a student at the school.

The minor gave birth to a baby on February 7 at a private hospital in Kannur.

Police say that survivor was admitted to the hospital after she complained of stomach pain. The survivor’s parents kept her in the dark about the childbirth and told her that she was operated on for appendicitis.

The incident came to light after Childline officials of the district received an anonymous letter.

All the 10 accused in the case including two priests and five nuns have been arrested.


source: News Minute

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8 Responses to DNA test proves arrested priest is biological father

  1. Monica Rohom

    Most of the Catholics are known to feel shy of washing their dirty linen in public. As a result, their dirty clothes never gets washed. I support Matters India in its endeavor for bringing the nasty incidents in public.


    At the outset addressing a priest as FATHER has been objected by
    CHRIST himself.I am shocked that this RAPIST is addressed as Fr.
    Now at best this innocent girl child may call this rapist padri ‘Father’.
    Which I doubt.

  3. chhotebhai

    I am constrained to join this debate.I am a regular reader of Matters India, plus a c9ntributor. I probably comment on more stories than anybody else does.Most of my comments are in appreciation of the good work done by various persons, including clergy and religious.

    However, I take strong exception to some respondents repeatedly casting aspersions on the editorial discretion of this portal. I have known the editor, Jose Kavi for almost 40 years and I would like to assure him of our appreciation for this portal and all that it has to offer.God bless.

  4. telma manickam

    This is not a comment directly on this article. I wish to bring a few points to the attention of Publishers of Newspapers, magazines etc.

    I often wondered why our Media has only ‘bad news’ for the readers! We never get to read about something positive as much as these stories. Do we not have young people involved in community building/nation building activities? Do we not have school children/youth/men and women engaged in creative activities? In the political level, or social level, religious level, we give a lot of attention to ‘negative’ doings or lives.
    I live in Switzerland. If you open the newspapers or tv news, it is different. Do you think that there is no family fight, or scandal of priests and nuns or youth or whatsoever. You will not find these with big half size photos, not even mentioned. WHY DO WE REPORT THE SAME STORY MANY TIMES WITH DIFFERENT PICTURES?
    It is heart broken to see the photos of this beautiful young woman Michelle or her so called accused boy friend everyday with a lot of details, sometimes repeated. The culprits of certain cases even try to cover their faces with their shirts or sarees or something else to save their face.


  5. chhotebhai

    Could we please stop calling this alleged criminal Fr. Robin, now that it is established that he is the father of the child.Speedy justice will act as a strong deterrent to other potential predators.

    Why is Sri K.C. Thomas so touchy about the on going reporting in the case? Just goes to show the servile attitude of the laity who are embarrassed to call a criminal just that, merely because the guy was wearing a cassock. I congratulate matters India for its continuous coverage as events unfold.

    By Thomas’convoluted logic we should stop reporting about the BJP’s communal agenda because it has already been said before! Crazy.

  6. Vincent Bagul

    The truth hurts and the pious minded and naive persons are even likely to feel offended. However, as a news portal, the Matters India is doing its duty very well. The laity and hierarchy should find a solution to prevent such incidents in future, instead of trying to suppress the fact.

  7. K C Thomas

    Matters India has given the details more than once. The present news is that the priest is the father of the child on the basis of DNA test. Matters India seems to interested in something we do not know

    • Mathews

      Matters India has great scope to function at a higher level in the service of society.
      What purpose such news serve?

      Aren’t there nobler,positive,and reflective news items that matters India and the Church in India?

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