Hindu radicals disrupt church services, police quiz Americans

The Hindu radicals alleged the Christians indulged in conversion

By Siddhant Mohan

Maharajganj: Members of a Hindu extremist organization, on April 7 stopped a religious meeting in a church in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

The local police allegedly aided the Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV, Hindu youth army) led by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in attacking Christians. The program was attended by 11 Americans, reports twocircles.net.

According to reports, a group of around 150 people, gathered at a church in Dadhauli, a village under Kothibhar police station of Maharajganj district. While the group was praying, some HYV activists reached the place and saw US nationals in the prayer meeting.

The Hindu radicals went to Kothibhar police station and alleged that the priest and US nationals were involved in a religious conversion in the church premises.

Station House Officer Anand Kumar Gupta accompanied them to the church and stopped the prayer, although the police could not find any evidence of conversion activities. The Police checked the passports and visas of the Americans and let them go as they could not find anything improper.

Gupta later told TwoCircles.net that the HYV activists came to them with the complaint that the US nationals were carrying out the religious conversion in the church. “We responded to the complaint and found no such thing was happening on the ground. But we did check their papers.”

Witnesses report that the whole fiasco lasted for more than five hours. Police, along with the local intelligence unit, questioned the Americans. The Hindu radicals kept insisting that the police file a case against and arrest pastor U Hannah Adam.

The situation got serious after the police let the Americans go. The Hindu radicals questioned the police action and created chaos. The HYVmembers intensified their demand to arrest Adam, which the police refused.

Gupta also said the Hindu radicals insisted the police probe the matter thoroughly. “But investigating a simple prayer meeting would mean creating a hindrance in the religious freedom of the individual,” the police officer said.

A source also informed that police intervention was necessary as members of HYV had vandalized a church and beaten people in Belwa village a few weeks ago.

A person related to the local church, who was present at the meeting, said on the condition of anonymity, “We were just praying there. No such conversion was being carried out but goons came and tried to disrupt a peaceful event with the help of the police.”

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7 thoughts on “Hindu radicals disrupt church services, police quiz Americans

  1. The winking eyes from the Central Government, not even a single statement from the world roaming PM Modi that every religious believer in India has full freedom to worship without fear, and the attacks on the minority religious people will be strictly dealt with; and so, the street goons are finding great fun and pleasure in attacking the defenseless Christians everywhere they can find.

  2. Dear Vincent begul has wonderful logical thought pattern. He demands for “Indian national church” he is advanced than the Christ and the apostles.
    With new culture and tradition Vincent Ji, let us make a new church with name: “Bagul Vincent’s national cultural church”. Let us play making church Whenever our mood demands.
    In managing church many a times Christ and Catholic Church is a headache. So let us avoid both these and make our own church with Indian culture and tradition. Probably we can get support of the CRI or some religious modern thinking congregations sisters & fathers. who are already crazy for Indian church. Surely we will get few bishops emeritus to support us secreatly. We need them, u know. We will all use rudrasha chain as our identity, may be a cross in somewhere. Ordination of the pastor will be called engarlendment of Rudrasha. In prayer meetings we must use Chandan on the forehead. Greet with Jai Bharath masih

  3. The Indian Church should be independent, without any foreign involvement. The structure of the Church is also westernized. We need Indian National Church, rooted in Indian culture and traditions.

  4. What I am concerned is how a group of people can do the duty of Police or Law and Order Ministry ! If there is anything wrong with any assembly or activity in the State is it to be tackled by such groups taking law into their hands ? This is a simple question the Govt should answer to the law abiding people. What is the use of projecting ” Sab Ka sath, Sab Ka Vikas ” if any section of the society is hurt and their rights trampled by some musclemen ?

  5. So shamefull indian Govt what are you doing is India not a democracy don’t we have freedom liberty and dignity…

  6. Signs of things to come in U.P. under the present dispensation. However, the cops need to be complemented for keeping their cool. I also feel that evangelical groups need to cool off a bit, and eschew all forms of foreign involvement in their work.

  7. CM Yogi’s parents had clearly mentioned in the TOI papers that they want him to respect all religions. How come he led the HYV GROUP without first confirming what the Americans or the local prayer group is doing? All his intelligence is of no use and a sham if he lets goons and illiterate people make decisions for him!

    Such people do not last long. God is watching!

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