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Walking with Pope Francis: Good News for Our Times 

By Joseph Vellaringatt, SJ
Media House Delhi

Price: INR 180

This book, “Walking with Pope Francis: Good News for Our Times,” is an attempt to present in brief the teaching of Pope Francis on the important issues that affect the lives of people today, whether they be priests and consecrated persons, married couples or single persons, or children and youth.

To all of them the Pope has a message of joy and hope. It is the joy of the good news of God’s love revealed in Jesus.

Compassion and mercy, tenderness and service, these are the main elements of the good news that Pope Francis communicates both through his life and his utterances. Above all, he is a peace maker, a builder of bridges among nations and communities, religions and ideologies.

Pope Francis has given a tremendous push towards ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. Protection of the environment has been one of his major concerns.

So too is justice for the poor and the marginalized, for migrants and refugees and for the working class.

The author Father Joseph Vellaringatt is a member of the Patna Jesuit province. He is a spiritual master, retreat director and a specialist in Ignatian spirituality. He is an expert in Hinduism with a doctorate from the Banaras Hindu University. He has published a number of articles in various journals and magazines. He has conducted many seminars, workshops and retreats in various parts of India.

He is the nephew of Monsignor Jacob Vellaringatt, a Palai diocesan priest and founder director of Mission Home in Palai that once produced hundreds of missionaries for India and overseas. He followed another uncle, Ignatius Vellaringatt, a member of the Patna Jesuit province.

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