Focolare Movement: unity and peace among young people belonging to different religions

New Delhi – Promoting unity, peace and solidarity among young people belonging to different religions in India: this is the aim of a series of events that the Focolare Movement in India have organized in May, especially to strengthen the path of interreligious dialogue.

The theme of the special week, celebrated by young Focolare people at an international level, was “Change your heart to change the world”.

Young people in India, reports Valentino to Fides, a lay consecrated of the Focolare in Mumbai, have promoted events, public meetings, conferences and cultural debates, common actions to testify that “a united world is possible”, leaving a tangible sign of this unity in the cities involved, across the nation.

Bangalore, for example, organized an “international dinner” which brought together young people from different religions and nationalities, with representatives from 15 nations including Uzbekistan, Yemen and Zambia. In Goa a book fair highlighted the pluralism of longstanding cultures and religions, while Mumbai hosted workshops of art, singing, cinema and dance, all focused on the issue of conflict and peace management. In the capital Delhi the “Run4Unity” marathon quietly invaded the streets of the city, children and the boys who brought enthusiasm and a smile to the passers-by were the protagonists.

The enormous religious variety of India includes 80% of Hindus and a 2.3% Christian minority.

The Focolare Movement has been in India since 1980 and today has communities and centers in Bengal, Bangalore, Goa, Darnjeeling, Bengal, New Delhi, which promote activities and meetings for adults, families and young people.

Various social projects are flourishing around the Focolare communities, engaged in child education, improving conditions for women, supporting families in economic difficulties. Particular emphasis is placed on the spread of the values of “universal fraternity” among adolescents, reaching young people of all religions.

The Focolare Movement is an international organization that promotes the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood, founded in 1943 by Chiara Lubich. (Source: Agenzia Fides)

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  1. It is very urgent and high time that the peace loving young generation must gather and march forward holding hands for a prosperous and peaceful India. The politicians, the (BJP/RSS) is fishing in the muddy water through sowing troubles and division in the society.

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