Indian Church leader writes open letter to prime minister

Shri Narendra Modi,
The Prime Minister of India

Dear Prime Minister,


Though a Christian pastor, and serving the National Council of Churches in India as its General Secretary, I am writing this open letter to you as an Indian citizen, joining all Indian citizens who are concerned about the state of affairs in our country, India

You have been giving the country very impressive slogans about its future, be it “Achhe Din!” or “New India!” Harping on “Development” you have been advocating and initiating schemes such as “Make in India”, “Skill India”, “Start-up India”, “Digital India”, “Smart Cities”, etc.

The question which many would like to ask: Achhe Din for whom? New India for whom? The Preamble to the Constitution of India gives us a vision for all citizens:

We the People of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic, and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation

However many people who belong to your government, party, and other likeminded bodies give us a different picture of Achhe Din and of New India where the values of Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity are stifled. “Vigilantism” has become a popular methodology of such persons and bodies.

Cow Vigilantism: Cow reverence and cow protection has become a very serious concern among such people. They claim that the cow represents their religion and culture. I appreciate the cow symbol as it represents love, compassion, service, sacrifice, and non-violent living. People, when they become politically emotional about this symbol, tend to give expression to hatred, cruelty, harm, murder, and violent life-styles. I wonder whether the cow would approve of such things done in her name.

Yoga Vigilantism: Yoga as you are aware is primarily a spiritual disciple which uses physical exercises to facilitate spiritual realization of oneness with the ultimate. You will surely agree that there are different ways of spiritual realization in India such as bhakti yoga, karma yoga and the like. However when yoga is imposed as the only means of spiritual realization, and when notes and reports are made about people and institutions who do not want to practice yoga (though government departments say that its practice is not compulsory), then the spiritual yoga of “oneness and union” of heterogeneous and different people in the country is shattered. Furthermore, you will agree I am sure, that commercial yoga for solely for physical benefits does disservice to the ideology of yoga.

Religion Vigilantism: India as we all claim is the “home” of people of different faiths and ideologies. We often quote the saying “ekam sat, vipra bahuda vadanti” (That which exists is ONE sages call it by various names) respecting the diversity of spiritual perspectives. Or again, we declare “ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family). The constitution of the country recognizes the diversity of faiths and traditions and therefore the country prides itself in being secular. However distinction is still made in our country on the basis of religion. For instance, Christian and Muslim dalits are not eligible to receive affirmative action assistance which is provided to dalits of other religious persuasions.

A knowledgeable person like you knows how different religions have evolved in history. As you look at what we know of early civilizations in our subcontinent, there were different indigenous people with their respective social practices, cultures and religions. Even the people of Indus Valley Civilization had their own religion which scholars are yet to fully comprehend. What the early Aryans followed could be called Arya Dharma. The term Hinduism was nowhere in use. Therefore do you think that the kind of strategy used in “ghar wapsi”, making people ‘return’ to the Hindu religious fold be justified? Moreover the Constitution of India guarantees freedom to all to choose and follow the religion of their choice. The Constitution also allows persons to bear witness to their faith. This is not proselytization. Therefore do you think that the actions of politicized religious groups in disturbing worship services of Christians, showing no respect for their holy places, alleging that conversion is being attempted/done, physically assaulting pastors and evangelists, desecrating church buildings and symbols, with the tacit support of some of the police and other authorities, are justified?

You have publicly condemned the church bombings in Egypt on 9th April 2017 (Palm Sunday), but on that same day, in some of the states of India, Christian worship services have been disrupted. Will the government wait till church buildings are also bombed in India to make statements of condemnation? Please keep in mind that, every Sunday, thousands of churches in India pray for the President and the Prime Minister of India, as well as the Governor and Chief Minister of their respective states.

Citizenship Vigilantism: It is quite intriguing that today citizenship is being defined in different ways. If one abides by (and even praises) what the government in power says, one is a good citizen. If one is to criticize what the government says or does, one is termed as anti-national. In a democracy, there is space for expression of different and even opposing viewpoints; such expressions cannot be termed as anti-national unless they are against the very constitution of the country. To make matters worse, if a body’s views do not agree with those of the government and if that body receives due partnership support from funding agencies abroad, then its FCRA registration is under threat of being cancelled.

Please try to imagine how hurting it is for Indian Muslims and Christians to be labeled as anti-national just because they are followers of non-Indic religions!

Caste Vigilantism: Caste atrocities are not a new thing in our country; they have been perpetrated right from the days when the “jati” system started governing society. However the casteist mindset still continues in 21st century India. Dalits in particular are at the receiving end of all caste driven injustices and atrocities. Majority of the dalits are denied their right to dignity, to water, to education, to employment, to health care and so on. The religiously politicized powers see to it that the dalits remain crushed. You are also aware of dalits committing suicide as they see no hope in the system in which they are trapped. You also are aware how dalit women are exploited, even raped and killed by certain casteist forces. Women’s bodies are “played with” to shame the dalit communities.

In today’s India, one does see governments praising Ambedkar and introducing schemes for dalits in his name. Are the schemes really reaching the real dalits? More than schemes what is required is a change in the casteist mind-set of Indians. Stricter and stricter laws are being promulgated to curb the slaughter of cows. How about introducing stricter laws for caste atrocities?

Culture Vigilantism: Dear Prime Minister, we all pride ourselves in being a country of so many different and diverse races and cultures. It is but natural that we have heterogeneous expressions of cultures in our country. Yet once again we keep on hearing of attacks on certain groups of people because of their dress, their food, their way of celebrating festivals and events, and so on. Even couples in some places are now afraid of going out together in public lest they will be subject to police harassment.

One does not deny that diversity of races and cultures does not mean that people can do what they like; one has to be responsible in the way one conducts oneself in society. However culture vigilantes are seeking to convert the entire country into one regimented uniform society thereby reducing this country to a one coloured culture.

Dear Prime Minister, we all want India to develop. You have brilliant ideas and great schemes. We congratulate you for the same. But are your programmes and schemes really promoting the growth of the thousands of people languishing in poverty?. While publicity and social media make bold claims about the poor being benefitted, the middle class to some extent and the rich are the main beneficiaries of development plans and projects. Part IV of the Indian Constitution which talks about Directive Principles of State Policy asserts that the state shall strive to secure a social order in which justice – social, economic and political – shall inform all the institutions of national life; that the state shall strive to minimize inequalities in income; that operation of economic system does not result in the concentration of wealth and means of production to the common detriment; etc. These guiding principles are far more important today as your Government commits itself to development.

The culture of bribery and corruption still continues in many government offices all over the country. In order to see that files move smoothly, we have to pay a price. To get permissions and licenses, we have to give money. To avoid the harassment of frequent visits to police stations and to get our cases quickly resolved we have to grease palms. How then can development happen? When donations to political parties are exempt from certain restrictions how then can development of the ordinary citizens be ensured?

Dear Prime Minister, all of us, including Indian Christians want our country to develop. The Christian community has been continuing to make its contribution through educational, medical and technical institutions (Many of our great Indian leaders have come out of our institutions). We have been serving through orphanages, old people’s homes, homes for women in distress, rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, facilities for the disabled, services to HIV infected and affected people, solidarity with dalits and tribals/adivasis, and offering help in times of natural calamities. All because of the ideology of some politicized people and the immunity they enjoy in taking the law in their hands that our development service spaces are being shrunk.

We all need to be vigilant about vigilantism!

May the Spirit of God envision and empower you in your commitment to just and inclusive sustainable development for all!


Roger Gaikwad,
An Indian Citizen

14th April 2017
Good Friday (The Day commemorating the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

(Roger Gaikwad has been the general secretary of National Council of Churches in India, the apex body of the Protestant and Orthodox Church Societies in the country, since 2010. The 64-year-old Church leader has a doctorate in theology from the Serampore University. Gaikwad served the university as a senator during 2011-2014, representing the Presbyterian Church. In 1981, he explored Karma and Transmigration in Modern Hinduism at the United Theological College, Bangalore. He has also researched on the thoughts of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Aurobindo and Sarvapalli Radhakrishan. Gaikwad taught at the Aizawl Theological College, Aizawl, Mizoram, from 1978 to 2010.)

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95 thoughts on “Indian Church leader writes open letter to prime minister

  1. Well crafted and timely written piece. It expresses the anguish of the people living on the margins of a nation that pretends not to ignore the weak and voiceless people. It warns the state (nation) against promotion of majoritarianism agenda through government institutions which ignore the vision of the founding fathers of this great democracy established on diversity and secularism.

  2. I appreciate your enlightening article. Then the next question is Does the Prime Minister of Mr.Modi’s stature require enlightening on the issues facing Non-Hindus in the country? Is he not aware of the state of affairs in his own country?Anyway, let us wait and see how he responds.

  3. Thank you for taking the leadership…dear Rev.Roger….May our Lord Jesus bless u with more strength and anointing of the Holy Spirit…. Amen!!
    Sr.Gracemy .SD New Delhi

  4. Greetings friends

    This is good to express and defend your cause as church leader,my humble request here is that church leaders should take delegation and hand over this type of letter directly and discuss with… not only to Prime Minister but also to The President of India, Parliament speaker, a copy to each MP and Chief Minister and Embassy leader… Be diplomatic in Approach and seek justice and Protection. Send a copy to media also, so that your case is heeded and given priority.
    Christian are concerned and are immensely contributing to nation building, it is high time now for Christian in India that we should take a stand for Truth and Justice- what shall righteous do when the Foundation is being destroyed…? we have to take stand in faith and hope that God is with us.

    May the Lord Jesus guide you and unite us all

    Best Regards
    Gilchrist KC

  5. Dear Rev Dr Roger
    thank you for being the VOICE of our suffering poor and weak Christians.I support it and reinforce with my prayers.Still it reminds me of Joseph ,Mosses and Pharaoh in Egypt.Keep waiting crying in one accaord .
    Prof.Kunjukunju Mariamma

  6. Thsnk you Mr Roger you have really put in all the present problems we Christians face since the present government came to power.
    Hope our Prime Minister Modiji read the letter personally and take action.

  7. Well Said however as Subramanya Swami says if you peel off Modi’s exterior, he is all Hindutva. That too he being from RSS(having skewed philosophy of Hindu religion)may not even bother to read this letter . All we can do and should do is irrespective of what’s happening all around continue to God Will and God’s work by reaching out to everyone in need and spread the love of God and there by being a true Hindu in a true sense!!

  8. Very thoughtful…may God bless you and our country and it’s politicians! Hope the PM Modiji responds to this letter not with words but with wise actions that benefit all.

  9. May the voice of this dear servant of Lord Jesus, and a dear brother in the Lord Jesus, find its ways in the heart of the Indian pm. And his cabinet to usurp cruel and tyrannical laws & values – and pursue true justice for all without bias of being Hindu.

  10. Timely and relevant letter of appeal, may God intervene and give our pm divine insight

  11. Dear Rev. ROGER, you have sent a very good response to All Vigilantism.Thank you as Mr.Palli Nariman said in an interview to NDTV said we must address our grievance to directly to Hon. PRIME Minister of our Country because he is a reasonable person. In a an press report, Hon.Prime Minister has stated that we must observe silence and should not speak. Will he respond to this open letter, if he is a person for a country’s welfare and the welfare of different people, languages, cultures ,religions and social customs,and belief, he should respond. Let us pray to Jesus that he may touch his heart. Thank you for your open letter. Fr.G.Pushparaj s.j.

  12. Author does not know the purpose of yoga. Anything good when coming from Hinduism is being demeaned and criticised by this Indian whose parents must have been Hindus. He is dragging in the mind-set of millions who have been corrupted and deteriorated due to years of slavery and blaming it on Modi govt. It is such people who are prejudiced as it appears they want a Christian Sonia Gandhi (the Italian fraud/thief) whose party did nothing constructive for the nation simply because she is Christian. Such people want to continue lining their purse and eat beef all day so hate anything to do with Hinduism. Christianity has got more ‘casteism’ than anyone else. Also, can pastors explain why Jesus is being portrayed as a yogi and Hindu mystic if they are so against Hinduism? Doesn’t their pope scold them and set them straight. In the West they don’t worship Jesus like this! Only Indians can be this insane. Shame! Shouldn’t pastors work together for improvement of country? And what about Mother Teresa and her numerous scams and scandals? Disgusting. Maybe such people need to grow up and not be whiny children always quarreling and blaming others.

  13. Dear Brother Roger,
    It is s indeed time that God’s saints proclaim the truth as justice and righteousness is the heart beat of God. May the Lord use the effort to usher great I intervention in our bank nation & in the world at large. Yes our warfare is against the enemy the devil. And is necessary to proclaim the wrath of God non those who oppress others.
    Thank you.

  14. Thank you, Rev. Gaikwad. Much needed and very fitting to the state of our country today. Thank you for saying it so well.

  15. Like the first century Apostles the Saints need to look unto the Lord whenever persecution happens because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but powerful to pull down the strongholds of enemy by the power of God.

  16. A well crafted letter. Standing beside you and supporting for a better India with equality, social justice, non-violent, and holistic development of all citizens.

  17. Thank you dear Roger for the bold step you have taken. May the Lord be with you and give you good guidence and wisdom towards the welfare of our Christiana

  18. The maturity of the Nation is judged by it’s leaders. Rev Roger has demonstrated who his God is.
    If our PM is not to work to protect the interest of Christian than our God will intervene.
    Hope that this letter to PM will bless the thinking pattern of our political leaders.

  19. You have taken the bold step so that the cry of the real Indian citizens reach the Central government……..

  20. Dear Dr. Roger thank you for taking the bull by the horns – May God continue to protect Indians from anti-Indian ways. Indians are by nature peaceful people – Hindus, muslims, christians, Sikhs, Jains all live peacefull side by side helping one another – It is the anti-social fanatics that seek to disrupt this peace to further their own causes. May God protect us all with his knowledge, wisdom and might – Amen.

  21. Wonderfully put in words. Yes ….now we need to unite in pray that our priminister will even read to understand more than to reply.

  22. Dr Roger Gaikwad
    Thank you for taking the leadership in addressing the happenings in India.A very well drafted letter.I hope you will get a response. God Bless you.

  23. Christians are a big asset. Probably 2% equalls the remaining 98% in moral value and virtues.
    So, are u politicians, jealous of us, so as to harass us?
    It doesnot speak well of you.

    1. Dear Rose, you have just read a wonderfully open minded letter from a big-hearted, long-visioned leader. I am appalled to see you respond with the same kind of bigoted language and ideology that he is so articulately writing against. You have totally missed the point. It’s not about Christians against the rest of the country; God forbid Christians should ever become like this. it is about personal freedoms and inclusiveness of everyone who suffers under oppression. Wherever we try to build walls and make judgement, Christ is immediately on the other side of the wall.

  24. You can wake up a person who is sleeping but you cannot wake up some who is act sleeping . the same goes to work. Good try

    1. For your information, the author didn’t mention any political organisation but you very idiotically dragged Congress and Sonia Gandhi in to it and many other things which show your both Symantec and syntactic ignorance of the matter of concerns.

      Again for your information I would like to say and eliminate your misconception that the author never said anything derogatory of Hinduism. Please study “history” and research on matters that he boldly and rightly raised, to prove the author wrong in a respectful manner. We Christians, follower of Christ know what we are concerned about and our fights for than just make noises.

      A true prosylytization happens in one’s spirit. You can’t prosylytise someone by force. The groups that do use physical forces because they are weak in spirit.

      There is a famous saying, you should be knowing that ” You can force a horse to water but can’t make it drink”. Same is spiritual and physical prosylytization. We, Christians, believe in spiritual prosylytization because it’s the POWER of God the Almighty which Jesus Christ professed.

      May God bless you and enlighten you. To live for us is Christ and to die is gain. We don’t fear. We also believe,” Who can be against us when God is with us”.

    2. Truly aggree Mr a s Mathew. Before election mandate was development. Later it changed to religion. Hindus have to take a call whether they want to follow hindutva of cow politics Ajmer blast disturbing prayer services or peaceful Hinduism

  25. Very nicely truth has been written. Only thing i feel if he is sending to PM it should have been in hindi as he understands in hindi well

  26. Well articulated letter to the PM, though I personally feel the policies of this govt is not going to change, because of it’s predetermined vision of a Hindu rashtra.

  27. This is feeling of every Christian today in India. Christians are feeling more & more insecure in their own country. As citizens of this country we have contributed to this nation a lot. If there is country called INDIA, its because of Christians. Never a country called INDIA, before the arrival of Europeans. So we need equal treatment and peaceful existence. Hats off to dear Pastor.

  28. Thank You Pastor for very nicely bringing our heartblowings on behalf of our beleif and practices of our faith. Hope God will open the closed eyes of our PM.

  29. I am an eternally optimistic person but totally pessimistic about getting any valid response from the aachi din prophet of India, who is a total mystery wrapped up in a riddle. The world is watching this new drama of India.

    When three candidates from the U.S. Religious Freedom Foundation applied for a visa to talk with the persecuted minorities in Punjab, the visa was declined. Modi had no response to the question from the U.S. about the refusal of the visa. Thousand of NGOs, mainly Christian operated funding was blocked by the Government of India under the false and lame excuse of the party, as stated by Arun Jaitly that conversion is taking place. Neither Modi nor his comrades will touch an orphan street child, but when the Christians are feeding them and giving them a second chance to live and to get educated, that is blocked to enjoy the ruthless fun of hunger and tears. God’s judgment will fall upon the Government, their tears will be turning as lightening rod from heaven.

    He is an hardcore RSS soldier, came up in the political ladder as a RSS soldier, but to bluff the electorate of India simply put on BJP signboard. He was fully involved with the Somnath-Ayodhya march and bloodshed in which Advandi-Uma Bharati and Monhor Joshi are tagged as culprits. In that chariot march, Modi was at the front row with Advani and the rest.

    How many totally impossible political promises he has delivered? Smart cities-Rs. 15 lakh/person of the black money share-millions of jobs-trillions of dollars in Foreign Direct Deposit-millions toilets and bath rooms for the poor-how many foreign trips in a very short span of time-all the Chines factories in India and India will replace China as the manufacturing base of the world. Now his foreign trips are finished with.

    He is a silent actor of this drama but giving winking signs to his comrades to terrorize the minorities, Muslims and especially the Christians. He doesn’t know that the Christian nations are controlling the world economy; 2.3 billion people as the largest religion in the world. Then the Islam religion with 1.6 billion people in the world. India being the 2nd largest Muslim populated country in the world behind Indonesia, that high percentage of people speak volumes of reality that if the 14% of the Indian population is targeted for persecution, other Muslim nations will not watch that as mere onlookers.

    The Government of India has taken a new route to shift India from her secular democratic foundation to a fanatical Hindu theocracy; thus pushing India backward to the Brahmin supremacy over the minorities and Dalits. The great accomplishment would be having a national holy mother cow worship.

    The western world is watching this show, and in course of time, the aachi din prophet and his Gujarathi comrades will be learning the primary and fundamental lessons of their blunder, while pleasing certain radical sector of the Hindus, but creating national disharmony and economic bankruptcy to the nation.

  30. Well drafted and powerful curious of his response. High time Christians voice our resentments and constantly reminders and follow up required .May God give us strength and courage to keep up the fight and FAITH

  31. Well formed thoughts. Thank u pastor for ur courage to spell out it. May our pm be guided by our constitutional spirit.

  32. Very balanced, objective and well written letter. We in the west are not quite aware of this kind of discrimination in India because we mainly hear about Modi’s economic prowess. I am a person of Indian origin, and visited India several years ago with a missionary group and was cautioned that Hindus were very hostile toward Christians. Maybe because I was in a somewhat controlled environment, I did not personally encounter such discrimination myself. I saw that a “Dr. Matthew” made some comments taking deference from the writer. He used some statistics that seemed to distort reality. I had the privilege to visit the site where St Thomas was martyred which I found very inspiring. This shows that India has a longer history of Christianity than many other countries and that southern India has a very high percentage of Christians. While Christians have a duty to pray for the leaders, we also have a duty to stand up for the poor and oppressed. In that regard Roger should be highly commended and supported for this initiative. He is doing the will of God and truly representing Christ. We need more like him.

  33. Very well written Roger Uncle. So glad that you have the courage to speak up for those who are afraid and/or do not have the words to express themselves.
    May God continue to use you to shine light in dark corners and bring hope

  34. Dear Rev. Roger, Thank you so much for your open letter to our beloved PM drawing his attention to certain of the issues faced by the Indian Christians. Not that Christians demand gratitude for being pioneers in many of the societal development initiatives especially in the field of education and health , we are second to none in extending our resources collectively to the growth and development of this great country of ours. We pray and hope that good sense prevails upon the leadership, though late, to see that the constitution of India is adhered to in letter and spirit. The church in India has been awakened from its slumber from your open letter penned by a leader of the largest ecumenical body in India. And we hope a united voice is sure to reach the powers that be.

  35. Praise the Lord & Many congratulations to you Pastor! Perhaps you are called for a time as this to be the voice of the Church. May the Lord continue to guide you and uphold you. ‘We need to exercise our rights though we may be minorities.’

    Well, Esther was able to bring about a change & protection for the entire community of Jews. He is able to do it again.
    We thank God for you and your passion for the Church..
    We are praying for you and with you.

    Eva..Phoebe Jones
    Yours in His service,
    Healing Stripes Ministries

  36. Thank you Pastor Roger for being that voice of our community and expressing to the PM the present scenario in the country by sharing the true facts and realities experienced by the community.

    Your letter is surely an eye-opener to our dear PM who may not be aware or Informed by those responsible to update him.

    You have explicitly expressed the pangs and fears of the community with a vivid hope and trust for a transformation and integral ,improvement in the issues you have raised,for development and betterment of our beloved country.

    God bless our PM and you for this great sharing. Let’s pray for our country and leaders more importantly that our dear PM will take a serious note on all that you have mentioned for the upliftment and removal of fears from the minorities and marginalised.

    Thank you Pastor once again by the timely raising of your voice you have saved the molehill from becoming a mountain in time to come. God bless us all

  37. Thank you Psstor for taking the initiative to send this letter to PM of India behalf of Indian Christians. Christians lets stand unite for our freedom..

  38. Bravo, Fr. Roger Gaikwad ! It’s time we all stood up for what’s right. And what better way to do it than with
    your brilliant, well written letter to the PM ! Evil triumphs only because all good people sit back & do nothing . Besides , You have done it the right way- peacefully & in a dignified manner ,which is very becoming of our religion (Christianity)! Many thanks !

  39. Dear Rev Roger,
    Thank you for sharing the hard realities of today’s governance affecting the minorities and marginalised . May God help our respectable PM to hear that still voice for true transformation. GOD BLESS!

  40. Christians have done their bit in securing the freedom of our country….and ensured the education progression of the varied masses to world standards ….let that never be forgotten.

  41. Though Christians represent only 2 % of India’s population, most Christian denominations in India enjoys wide respect for its network of schools, colleges, hospitals and social service centres. On the occasion of transformative policies in the country the Christians in India cannot be silent but must come forward with concrete, specific suggestions to address the issues of building a better India. They should identify with India’s legitimate national aspirations. There is a great need for networking, building credibility and trust. Christian leaders have to act by reading the signs of the times and interpreting them in the light of the Gospel and should integrate secular values in their Christian life styles
    without transgressing doctrinal limits. As the Catholic Bishops Conference of India

    (CBCI) advocates, the local Church in India should promote advocacy for human rights

    and strengthen the civil society. To succeed in their endeavours, both the Church leaders and their followers need to draw closer to Christ.

    This pastor’s letter to the Prime Minister is akin to making a mountain out of a
    mole. This does not represent the views of genuine practitioners of Christianity in India. It can only sow the seeds of polarisation

    Though Christians represent only 2 % of India’s population, they enjoy wide respect for their network of schools, colleges, hospitals and social service centres. On the occasion of transformative policies by the national government Christians in India cannot be silent but must come forward with concrete, specific suggestions to address the issues of building a better India. They should identify with India’s legitimate national aspirations. There is a great need for networking, building credibility and trust. The Church has to act by reading the signs of the times and interpreting them in the light of the Gospel. Christians should integrate secular values in their Christian life styles without transgressing doctrinal limits. As the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) advocates, the local Church in India should promote advocacy for human rights and strengthen the civil society. To succeed in their endeavours, both the Christian leaders and their followers need to draw closer to Christ.

    This pastor’s letter is akin to making a mountain out of a mole and it doesn’t represent the views of genuine reactioners of Christianity in India. It helps only in sowing the seeds of self created polarisation and alienation from the mainstream society

  42. Well written Rev Roger
    We need a body to monitor all the ongoing attacks on Christians and demand justice and freedom to process our religion

  43. I’m so happy 😊 that at last a movement has come to fight against unworldly spirits. India is a secular country every Indian has liberty to follow his/her conscience to reach God. No one can obstruct his/her own will at the same time no one has right to disturb personal liberty. Jesus Christ said love your neighbour as yourself. Government has to look after the development of the nation not on religious things. So many oppressed and supressed and downtrodden people are suffering a lot in India, India should be torchlight to other nations. Thank you 😊 priest let everyone know this God be with you.

  44. Absolutely agree with Rev Gaikwad. Is the PM listening? Afraid, the PM will not even look at this views expressed on behalf of all Christians in India. But let’s not have negative views. Hope someone see what is actually happening. Thank you Rev Dr Gaikwad once again.

  45. We need more such letters to the PM from other denominations of the Church. Besides we need a body to constantly follow up the progress from the PMs side.

  46. Great sharing Sir. Hope atleast some good God sense prevails for our community. As the best is yet to come. Lawrence Das.

  47. Rightly described. Our leader condemning the bombings in Egypt and giving a blind eye deaf year to the persecutions of Christians and Muslims in our own country. Thank you pastor for speaking to our PM on behalf of all of us.

  48. Thanks pastor for your message to our prime minister because i read the message all and if our prime minister read this message God will taught him and he will know the power of God….

  49. Supports and joins with you. Hereby pave your attention that the attacks towards xnity never reported in the newspaper as well as in media’s. This also to b highlight in the letter.

  50. Well said. Christianity is the foundation of our modern educational, medical and social services. We educate all without any discrimination. It’s unfortunate that PM is blind about the past and present scenario as well. God save the king.

  51. May our Almighty God Jehovah and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you and give you more strength to glorify His righteousness and for His Kingdom.

  52. Highly appreciated…God is using you. Hope everything will change for God’s purposes. We are blesssed have a leader like you Pastor Roger. MAY GOD BLESS AND USE YOU FOR THE WELFARE OF ALL CITIZEN OF INDIA.

  53. Mr Roger u have indeed spoken about the views of all our Indian Christian s.the letter is an in depth account of facts and not fiction

  54. May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always, He has His mighty hands upon all this as of now and the end results will be just fine. Great is His faithfulness!

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