Police detain 60 Christian kids on conversion suspicion

The children were on their way to Nagpur

By Matters India reporter

Ratlam: More than 60 Christian children were pulled out of a train and detained at a police station in central India on suspicion of conversion.

The incident occurred on May 21 at Ratlam, a town in Madhya Pradesh state.

The children, all 12 and below, belonged to Meghnagar in the same state and 85 km south of Ratlam. They were on their way to attend a weekly program of the Shalom Church, a Pentecostal group, at Nagpur in central India, 615 km southeast of Ratlam.

They had to change trains at Ratlam where a Hindu fringe group allegedly entered the train alleging the children were being taken for conversion.

On their complaint, the Railway police searched all coaches and forced the children to get off the train. They were then taken to the police station for “verification.” The children remained at the station from 7 pm to nearly midnight. They were then handed over the Child Line, a government agency, which took them to a care center.

The police later admitted that they found no basis for the conversion charge.

The children were seen in visuals standing around policemen who asked them their names and addresses. Seven people who accompanied the children were questioned until 2:30 am on May 22.

According to Father Rocky Shah, spokesperson Jhabua Catholic diocese, the children were yet to be released.

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2 thoughts on “Police detain 60 Christian kids on conversion suspicion

  1. The same story being repeated. Why do we invite trouble by doing indiscreet things that attract unnecessary attention? This is downright foolish

  2. If those unwanted children are wandering in the streets hungry-sick and being exploited by the street goons, no complaint. On the other hand, if the children were fed and taught the right way to life in worshiping God, singing and praying, then that is called forced conversion.

    The Central Government has blocked the funding of thousands of NGOs, and the vast majority of them were operated by the Christian Churches and Institutions. One among them “Compassion International” which was spending the largest amount $ 50 million in India/year feeding close to 20 thousand hungry young and old every day The fund blocking went to the attention of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee.

    The Financial Minister Arun Jaitly made a statement that ” conversion ” is taking place through these charity Organisations. What a ruthless attitude is that? When the Christian community from around the world through the compassion of CHRIST while feeding the hungry and wandering children; blocking that funding is nothing but total savagery and cruel act of the Government. The tears of the hungry young and old will be coming upon the Government as divine judgment in due time.

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