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Polish PM’s son ordained as priest 

Warsow: Tymoteusz Szydło, 25, son of Poland’s Prime Minister was ordained on Saturday May 27 in a ceremony attended by the Polish head of government and her family in the southern city of Bielsko-Biała.

After the ceremony, the Polish prime minister said she was proud of her son, who had studied for six years at a seminary in Kraków.

In May last year, Tymoteusz Szydło was ordained a deacon, a step toward becoming a full-fledged priest. Earlier still, he made a promise of celibacy and obedience.

“This is not an easy road,” Szydło told reporters after Saturday’s ceremony.

“Especially these days I think young people like them have an extremely important mission to fulfil. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for … all of my son’s fellow seminarians and for my son. I hope they will persevere and do a lot of good for everyone, for all of us. They are wonderful young people.”

On Sunday, newly ordained Father Tymoteusz officiated his first Mass in Prime Minister Szydło’s home parish of Przecieszyn in Poland’s south.

Prime Minister Szydło’s other son, 23-year-old Błażej, is a medical student.


(source: Polsat News)

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74 Responses to Polish PM’s son ordained as priest

  1. Fr. Parimal Kanji; West Bengal, India

    Congratulations! May Jesus be with you always.

  2. Fr. Parimal Kanji; West Bengal, India


    May Jesus be with you always and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for us.

  3. Gregory Molykee Kaling

    GOD be with you always.May you be guided by the Holy Spirit n be strengthened in your faith and receive Gods blessing abundantly in the vineyard of the Lord.

  4. Fr. Paulraj. India

    God bless you fr. You are precious to the lord . God hss special plan for you.

  5. Fr. Paulraj. India

    God has special plan you are precious to the lord god bless you

  6. pangpang khoisia

    Congratulation to become young priest at this hour of need. May Lord Jesus Christ keep you hale and hearty for the good of people. Amen

  7. Zecub

    God’s work is so wonderful

  8. Estefania Josephine D'lima (Kuwait)

    Congratulations dear Fr.Tymoteusz Szydlo.May you be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.Blessings in abundance be upon you. Thank our Almighty Father for choosing you in His Vineyard.
    This is the land of our dearest Holy Saint,Pope John Paul II, the Holy One,
    calling to be Holy,to serve the Lord..

  9. Angela

    May the ggod God be at your side dear father and carry the Lord no your blessed hands till the end of your death…amen…

  10. wngeka

    May the good God be at your side dear father till the end of your death..carry Him till the end end in your bl eseed hands..amen.

  11. Sr. Diana

    Congratulations Fr. May the Holy Spirit guide you each moment Of your life. Be YES to the Lord always. God bless you. Sr. Diana

  12. rajesh repudi

    Congratulations dear fr

  13. Mathew

    Congratulations God Bless you Abudently

  14. Christopher Ratnam

    God bless you, Father- now and always to carry out His will.

  15. fr bento

    congratulations for a new priest among us

  16. Sr. Irene D'souza

    My Hearty Congrats! dear father. The Lord has done marvels for you. Holy is His name.

  17. Fr. Sagar Santhosh Kmar Bandi MSFS

    Congratulations and God bless you. All the very best for your Ministry… I am Fr. Sagar Santhosh Kumar MSFS from INDIA.. I am ordained as Priest on 20th of FEBRUARY this year… Pray for me… i assuere you my prayers.. let us keep us touch in prayers … My contact number. +917036122092. Thank you.

  18. Gladys

    How wonderful to have a priest in the family . May God bless u father nd help u to lead a good meaningful religious life. May u b a blessing to your nation. Gladys .. chennai

  19. Presley Rebelo

    Thank You Fr. for saying YES. be Blessed and stay Cool

  20. magimaidass k yesu

    Dear loving fr, may the divine grace and blessings enable you to bear witness to Christ more in deeds. showers of blessings fill your heart and mind

  21. Clem

    Congrats & God bless Fr. Tymo

  22. Vincent

    Congrats. May the Good God will bless you for ever and ever. May the Holyspirit will strengthen you in all your dangerous

  23. Vincent Bagul

    Hearty congratulations to the 12 other Deacons from simple homes who were ordained priest along with Tymoteusz Szydlo, a son of the Polish Prime Minister, by Bishop Roman Pindel of Diocese of Bielsko – Zywiec at St Nicholas Cathedral on 27.05.2017.

  24. Melvin Benedict

    God bless you and keep you under his care I wish you all the best , congratulations father

  25. Francis D'Abreo, India, Mumbai

    Hearty Congratulations Father.
    God is with you and your family.
    He will protect you from every evil.

  26. Fr. Dilip

    Congratulations dear Father. May God bless you to be a witness to the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Fr. Dilip. Gwalior.

  27. Lima

    Heavenly Father must have been joyful enough today for, His beloved son thou art are you

  28. adolf washington

    Chhotebhai’s comments are relevant. Fr.Tymoteusz Szydło, could have chosen Politics after his mom and dad but he chose to answer a call of sacrifice. Ad Multos Annos.The Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheeen once remarked ‘So many young souls have left the lights and glamour of the world to the shades and shadows of the cross where Saints are made’.

  29. Bonita Maria Menezes

    Fr. Tymoteusz Szydło heard the call of the Lord and that is important.. to hear God’s call because We are heading in the direction of times that are full of trials and tribulations… God wants remnants and we need to keep our inner spirit alert to God’s voice… God bless Fr. Szydlo with patience, endurance and spirituality that he continues to do the will of God…

  30. Valerian

    Congratulations Dear father u have set a great example to those young ones to follow Christ

  31. John Barman

    Congratulations and prayers on your ordination to serve as priest.

  32. JOhn

    Congratulations and prayers on your ordination to serve as priest!

  33. lourdumarreddy

    May the good and generous God who called you to fulfill his mission through you may continue to support you and guide you through out …….God’s grace and blessings.

  34. Sr.Mychelin

    God calls His people when He wants whether he is a only son or a daughter, rich or poor. When He calls no body can stop him; no power,no wealth, no money, etc. The call is divine. Congratulations and best wishes in Jesus ministry’ to you Fr.Tymoteusz .

  35. Desmond Peterson

    The Lord is good and kind. He has chosen a wonderful person who will inspire the youth of the world. Its the beginning of God’s plan to draw more younger generation towards Him .
    We pray that he draw strength from Jesus all the time to fulfill Jesus’ plan.
    Praise God. Thank you Jesus

  36. Desiree

    Praise God for this family. The Polish prime minister is a beacon of hope for Christians in a Europe betrayed by its politicians. All Christians should pray for world political leaders that God may use them to further his kingdom and bring God back into our world.

  37. Poonam Singh

    MAY GOD BLESS you in evey step you take in your priesthood and make us Catholics proud
    We thank your parents for this gift of YOU.

  38. Vincent Bagul

    Every year, there are hundreds of young men being ordained as priests and scores of women being consecrated as nuns among Catholics all over the world. However, after reading the comments of the readers, it is felt that the readers are more awed and excited by the fact that newly ordained priest, Fr Tymoteusz Szydlo is a son of the Prime Minister of Poland. While congratulating the priest, I wish to inform that his mother Ms Beata Maria Szydlo took over as the PM on 16.11.2015. She was not the PM when he had joined the seminary 6 years ago at the age of 19. Moreover, only six year seminary training prior to his ordination seems to be much less compared to the training imparted elsewhere. Also, becoming a ‘priest’ or a ‘nun’ is only a medium to love and serve the community. Majority of them tend to become just ‘professionals’ after initial few years. It is prayed and hoped that Fr Tymoteusz Szydlo would be different from the rest. Best wishes to him.

  39. Santosh Salve

    Heartiest Congratulations to you dear Father
    You are a blessing to the Country and the Role Model to the millions all over the world to be imitated.
    You have sacrificed everything for the greater glory of the Lord.
    Thank you
    God bless you
    Best wishes
    Fr Santosh Salve msfs

    • Keetha

      God bless you father

  40. Alison Fernandes

    God bless you Father / long life…

  41. Mary Joseph

    God bless this newly ordained priest & his family. May he be Jesus to the thousands of people he will minister to.

  42. Anita Barretto

    May God bless you Rev Fr with Good health to carry on the service of Our Lord

  43. Lancy

    Congratulations.. Wonderful decision of choosing priesthood to serve the people and spread good news.

  44. Reggie Peter Dias


  45. benny mulakkal

    May God bless you and your parents and whole country. Congrats.

  46. Bonaventure Lewis

    God bless Fr Szydlo n congratulations to your PM mother and the rest of family. May you be an inspiration to many young boys and girls to join our Lords ministry and give him a hand in his mission.Boneless

  47. Francis

    God’s ways amazing. God bless you and His Spirit guide you in every way Fr.Tymoteusz Szydlo.

  48. Caroline Dsouza

    God bless you n may He guide you every step of the way so you may become an example for many youth to follow His ways.

  49. Hilda Menezes ,Urwa Mangalore

    May God bless you father. We will pray for you that yiu may fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ

  50. Meena dsouza

    So nice to have a priest in the family

  51. Lily D'Souza

    May God bless you Fr. In your ministry with wisdom,peace,happiness n good health

  52. Joseph george

    God has chosen u to be a priest to serve his own people,congrats&havens choicest blessings be showered upon you & your family

  53. Vincent

    Fr Victor you are very correct. Priests and religious persons need our prayers 🙏🙏

  54. Rev.Fr.Praveen kumar

    It is very great
    you the people who received the faith has set a witness to the world by sacrificing you son to the service of Christ.

  55. George Lalzuia

    God bless Poland through your newly ordained young and holy priest

  56. Nicholas Dcosta

    Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus. May you and your family be blessed abundantly especially your mother for a great sacrifice.
    May you shepherd your sheep more fervently. God be with you always.

  57. Fr Michael raj

    congratulations. Have a wonderful priestly ministry. God bless you and your country.

  58. Zeena Machado

    Congratulations, May God Bless you always.Praise the Lord.

  59. Rev. Fr.johnkumar

    Praise the lord. May our living Lord Jesus bless the newly ordained priest Rev. Tymoteusz abundantly and his priestly ministry. By Rev. Johnkumar

  60. Judith Diniz, Goa

    Wish you Holy priesthood Fr., may you walk in the footsteps of Christ in his vineyard leading numerous souls to Him. Hope many more young boys follow your example. Yours parents truly are blessed and holy.

  61. Eloisa Menezes

    Congrats May your life of service to the Lord in his vineyard may be an inspiration to many more young people

  62. fr. joachim ofm cap

    God has plan for everyone of us….be opened to receive the grace like young and committed priest

  63. Timothy Pereira

    Almighty God sends Holy Sprit in the world touching the hearts of His chosen ones and enkindle them with fire off Love.

  64. dolly pereira

    God is great.His design is wonderful.Amen

  65. George Joseph

    May the Almighty God bless him in his ministry and lead him in the right way… congratulations…. all the best…

  66. Ivy de melo

    Praise the lord . Lord God bless him

  67. Fr Victor Machado

    It looks exciting now but it is important to be faithful till the end. He needs our prayers in a big way

  68. Iona Lewis

    God be with you and may you do the will of god…in Jesus’s name I pray

  69. Ethel Pereira

    Congratulations. May your call to priesthood be an inspiration to many young boys.

  70. Francis Kulathingal

    Congratulations. My sincere wishes and prayers for future ministry

  71. chhotebhai

    Congratulations and inspiring. We need more vocations like this where there has been a genuine sacrifice and not social or economic benefits

  72. A. S. Mathew

    Hearty congratulations for his divine calling.

  73. Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    God bless the Reverend Tymoteusz Szydło.