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Bengal church vandalized, looted 

Ranaghat: Unidentified miscreants vandalized a church in West Bengal in the early hours of June 6.

Police said they have launched search to find the culprits who attacked the 127-year-old St Luke’s Church at Dayabari Mission Gate in Ranaghat in the Nadia district. The miscreants stole old religious items and 3,000 rupees, the church authorities said.

The church is close to a convent of the Religious of Jesus and Mary where a 70-year-old Catholic nun was raped during a robbery in March 2015.

“The Holy Sacrament was torn to pieces by miscreants. The other religious items, like the chalice and bronze candle stands were damaged and a few were taken away along the cash. They took the cash after breaking open a cupboard,” pastor Kishor Mondal told reporters.

“The stolen and damaged articles are very old. It is a blow for us,” he added.

A church worker discovered the damage when he came to the parish around 4:30 am. He found the lock at the main gate broken and informed church authorities, who filed a complaint with the police.

The superintendent of police of Nadia and sub-divisional police officer of Ranaghat visited the spot.

The church is about 150 feet away from the convent where the nun rape occurred.

Six persons, including Bangladeshis were arrested in connection with that case, which is still on at Calcutta High Court.

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4 Responses to Bengal church vandalized, looted

  1. Monica Rohom

    It appears to be a clear case of robbery. Nothing to do with religious ‘intolerance’. The Police are investigating and let us hope that they catch the robbers soon.

  2. chhotebhai

    It is said that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. So this does raise some disturbing questions. Have we also not learnt any lessons from the past incident? A lot of introspection is called for

  3. Ladislaus Louis D'Souza

    So that’s how brazen they can get. When oh when will the Holy Roman Catholic Church in India come to terms with the need to have ALL CHRISTIANS, irrespective of denomination, rally under one umbrella with the support necessary from other minorities?

  4. C.M. Paul

    Most unfortunate incident. Report seems to be mistaken about the convent adjacent to the old Church. Jesus and Mary Convent & School in Ranaghat is on the other side of the railway and opposite side of the highway where the Church is located. The convent adjacent to the Church (150 ft) is that of Sisters of Charity of Maria Bambina.

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