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Gift a book, not bouquet: Modi 

Kochi,Kerala: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday June 17, urged people to “give a book instead of a bouquet as a greeting”, saying there is no joy greater than reading and no strength greater than knowledge.

Speaking at the launch of PN Panicker National Reading Day celebrations in the city of Kochi, Modi said the State had been an inspiration to whole nation in achieving high literacy rate.

“Kerala has been a torchbearer and inspiration to the whole nation in the field of literacy,” he said, also urging the youth to take the pledge of reading.

“Together, we can once again make India a land of wisdom and knowledge,” Modi said, adding: “I appeal to people to give a book instead of bouquet as a greeting. Such a move can make a big difference.”

“There can be no joy greater than reading and no strength greater than knowledge. Kerala had been an inspiration to the whole nation in literacy,” he added.


(source: Assam Tribune)

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2 Responses to Gift a book, not bouquet: Modi

  1. K.C.Thomas

    I wonder why our bishps and others do not talk about Christ’s love,compassion,humility,selflessness etc are not meant for any particular people but for the world. When the nation or the Govt. Practice these virtues,we honour Christ and love our brethren. But we hesitate to mention the name of Christ in public thinking what others will think. Time and again these leaders should be told about the part played by Christians in spreading education and in doing social / charitable work through various institutions .

  2. A. S. Mathew

    Great advice he is giving to the inhabitants of Somalia. He did address Kerala as Somalia last time when he came for the election campaign with a promise to transform Somalia into another paradise if BJP got elected to rule Kerala; even though Kerala was ahead of Gujarat in everything except liquor consumption. Gujarat was behind all the Southern States in medical and healthcare.

    ” Kerala has been a torchbearer and inspiration to the whole nation in the field of literacy” Mr. Prime Minister, this is an open question. Do you know the reason and the some of the fundamental lessons of the history of India? Your party followers at every turn is attacking the Christian minority. If the Christian missionaries didn’t come to India to establish schools and colleges, where India would have been? Thus the first CMS college in Kottayam, Kerala in India. The first University, Serampore University started by William Carey, the pioneer of the modern missionary movement. Two of the oldest Universities, both the Madras and Bombay University were established by the Christian Missionaries. The famous colleges of India where the the non-Christians are fighting to enter like the St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi-Wilson College in Mumbai-Madras Christian College etc of the Protestant denominations. Then a big list of Catholic Church operated colleges like Lyola College in Chennai and hundreds of them around the nation. Most of the Christian denominations got footing at Travancore ahead of other States, thus Kerala got the top ranking in literacy in the nation.

    Mr. Modi, please read this history, also the writing of Swami Vivekananda, your spiritual mentor, how he is talking about JESUS CHRIST and Christianity. When he was getting physically weak, he served food to his disciples. When they asked him, why he is serving food, he replied ” JESUS CHRIST washed the feet of the disciples, let me at least serve you with some food”.

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