Irish nun shows-off amazing football skills in viral video

Dublin: It is rare to find clergy having a light moment in front of people on a busy street because they are mostly known to be indoors involved in prayer.

A nun in Ireland however made heads turn when she decided to play a little football on the street and her skills were so good the Internet is amazed.

According to a media report, the nun is busy seen passing by when she decides to play a little football but not without juggling the ball like any professional would do. She is accompanied by an Irish police officer who plays along with her for a while without letting the ball fall to the ground on most occasions. The game has many names across the globe but is called ‘keepy uppy’ in Ireland where the ball has to be kept in the air without the use of hands.

The viral video of the nun playing in her habit and sneakers was posted by the Irish Police Department and has got over a million views since then because people are really impressed with her talent.

(Source: Asian Age)

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2 thoughts on “Irish nun shows-off amazing football skills in viral video

  1. Both the Monks and Nuns must be engaged in sporting and sporting events. GOD is not expecting them to be caged in a room all the times, they must interact with the open world as CHRIST bearers.

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