Church official visits federal home minister

The minister sprained his left ankle three weeks ago

By Matters India Reporter

New Delhi: Monsignor Joseph Chinnayyan, deputy secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, on July 5 called on federal Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who sprained his left ankle three weeks ago.

The Church officials visited Singh at his residence and offered prayers for his speedy recovery.

Monsignor Chinnayyan said he recalled with gratitude the minister’s “unique gesture of goodwill” shown the bishops’ conference when he accepted to be the chief guest for the 2015 Christmas celebrations at the CBCI Centre. The minister was the chief guest for the celebration of Mother Teresa’s canonization held at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi in August, 2016.

The priest, who is also the director of the CBCI Centre, said the minister had enquired if churches in the capital faced any problem as happened a few years ago.

“The government continues to provide security to all churches in the capital,” Monsignor Chinnayyan told Matters India.

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4 thoughts on “Church official visits federal home minister

  1. It is reported that during the visit, the minister enquired if the Churches in the capital faced any problem and the priest, Monsignor Joseph Chinnayyan, Director, CBCI Bhavan, admitted that the government continues to provide security to all Churches in the capital. The condition of Christians in India is much better than that in many other countries. However, certain ‘biased’ and ‘extremists’ priests and nuns are spoiling good image of India by spreading false rumours abroad and raising unnecessary ‘alarms’ here. Some ‘biased’ nuns pass exaggerated and defamatory comments against the BJP government and Hindu community in their interviews given to foreign magazines. Actually, it must not be forgotten, as late George Menezes used to say, that we are safe because majority of Hindu people are ‘secular’ and that they are our real protectors. It is the duty of thinking laity to keep these ‘biased’ and ‘extremists’ elements from amongst the priests and nuns in line.

  2. Hope that the anti-conversion high fever of the Home Minister will get some relief after this visit of the Church officials while he is taking rest at home.

    Glad that the Church Official followed the attitude of JESUS to visit him and pray for him. All these anti-Christian minded RSS leaders will feel the love of CHRIST through such instances, then will get a time to ponder about their own experience. GOD”s plans are always mysterious.

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