Church plans workshop on GST

It will be done in July

Ranchi: The Church of North India (CNI) in Jharkhand has announced that it would hold a special workshop on Goods and Services Tax (GST) to educate its priests, church officials and representatives of various social organisations run by it on the new tax regime.

“Most of us are not aware of the ambit, impact and intricacies of the new tax system. As far as we have understood the church, its schools and the many charitable organisations that are run by the CNI would not come under the ambit of the GST. However, we have asked our auditors to hold a one-day interactive session on the GST in Ranchi this month to enlighten our priests, church officials and representatives of social organisations,” Bishop B B Baskey, head of the Chhotanagpur Diocese of the CNI told The Times of India.

“The date of the one-day workshop will be announced soon. Thee workshop will encourage men and women of the CNI to familiarise their friends and families about the intricacies and benefits of the new tax system,” he added.

“There is too much of panic and confusion over the GST. The church cannot afford to be a mere bystander to the developments,” the bishop said.

Baskey said he had initiated steps to ensure transparency in church operations in all of the 52 parishes of Jharkhand and Odisha that fall under his jurisdiction. As per a new management information system that has been put in place, each parish is now required to maintain accounts detailing collections and expenses and get them audited by the church-appointed auditors before submitting them to the church headquarters.

Meanwhile Jharkhand Cinema Exhibitors’ Association (JCEA) on Wednesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking relief in GST tax rates – which has fixed a flat tax slab of 18% on cinema tickets priced up to Rs.100.

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  1. The Sikh religion runs the largest community kitchen at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, serving 50000 meals on week days and 100000 on week ends and in celebration. Their expenditure has gone upward Rs. 10 crore based on the GST of highway robbery.

    The RSS Government blocked the funding of thousands of NGOs which were feeding the hungry young and old population of India. Now the GST will be adding more financial burden to the charity Organizations with more financial strains. What kind of aachi dins are these events?

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