Delhi Assembly condemns ‘mob violence’ in name of ‘religion’

New Delhi: The Delhi Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution condemning “mob violence” in the name of “religion” following dramatic exchanges between AAP MLAs and BJP legislator Manjinder Singh Sirsa over Kashmir.

During the course of the discussion, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia attacked prime minister Narendra Modi over the issue of lynchings, the recent being of a man in Jharkhand on suspicion that he was carrying beef in his vehicle.

“You go around the world hugging people who consume beef but people are being lynched in the country over mere rumours of beef consumption. A climate of fear has shrouded the country due to mob lynchings,” he said.

Sirsa lost his cool on being informed that instead of him, his party colleague Jagdish Pradhan has been allotted time to speak on the issue and raked up the Kashmir issue, which was not in the list of matters to be discussed.

Without any apparent provocation, he dared the AAP MLAs to pass a resolution stating that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, even as they accused him of trying to divert attention from the issue of lynchings.

Unable to rein him in, Speaker Ram Niwas Goel stood up and dramatically asserted that Kashmir is indeed an integral part of India but he was “pained” by the fact that the BJP-led Centre was keeping mum on beheadings of jawans or China’s transgressions at the border.

He also ordered that Sirsa be marshalled out of the House. In his speech, Pradhan spoke about the virtues of cow and its importance in the Indian culture.

“I have also served the RSS for 40 years. But today (June 29) I am pained. Even Dr Hedgewar or Guru Golwalker would not have thought of what is happening today , they did not let these things happen during their time. Mansarovar yatra has been stopped, China is staring down at us and we talk of patriotism,” Goel said.

Later, Sisodia, who attended the ‘Not In My Name’ protest at Jantar Mantar on June 29, said diverging from real issues was the BJP’s “old trick”.

(Source: First Post, Agencies)

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1 thought on “Delhi Assembly condemns ‘mob violence’ in name of ‘religion’

  1. Well, thank GOD, something I wrote a few days back, touching the oxymoron hugging affection of PM Modi towards the beef eating foreign leaders while lynching and killing by the RSS/VHP/BD/BJP street goons in India are going on as usual, but now talked repeatedly by the politicians of India.

    Those people who were voted for the BJP dreaming the paradise landing on India under the miracle working deity rule of India will be watching lynching and the rest. The family of nations will be forced to take some abrupt actions to enlist RSS/VHP/BD etc as terrorist Organizations. This drama of disorder in India will not last like this for long!

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