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Salesian college in Kerala attacked 

By Matters India Reporter

Sultan Bathery: A Salesian college in Kerala suffered huge losses after miscreants attacked it for taking disciplinary action against a student.

The authorities of the Don Bosco College, Sultan Bathery in Wayanad district, have blamed the activists of the Student Federation of India (SFI) and the Democratic Youth Front of India (DYFI) for the July 11 attack.

Both groups are affiliated to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) that heads the Left Democratic Front that now rules the southern Indian state.

The college comes under the Salesians’ Bangalore province that covers Karnataka and Kerala.

Its provincial Father Mathew Thonikuzhy says the property worth 2 million rupees was destroyed in the attack. The miscreants broke office furniture, CCTV cameras, window glasses, notice boards and other items.

“They even charged into the principal’s office and went berserk,” he said in a note sent to Salesians around the globe.

The provincial also alleged that the police present there remained mute spectators during the attack.

According to him, the provocation for the attack came after the college decided to suspend the second year degree student, who is SFI’s district level official. He had put up banners with words, “Welcome by SFI Don Bosco Unit” a few days ago when the college organized a program to welcome new comers. He also distributed membership cards inviting students to join the SFI’s Don Bosco unit.

Father Thonikuzhiyil says the college does not permit campus politics and explains this to students and parents at the time of admission. “We have consistently taken the stand that party politics will not be permitted as it will eventually lead to strikes and violence marring the academic atmosphere in the college,” he explained.

The college’s disciplinary committee summoned the students for questioning. The provincial says the student was admonished several times in the past for indiscipline. Even his parents were called by the Parent Teacher Association, but his father apparently supported the son’s political activism.

The student wing contacted the local DYFI unit and threatened the college management to withdraw the student’s suspension. “The college insisted that the issue should be resolved not through intervention of local leaders, but by discussing with the parent of the student,” the provincial explains.

Fearing trouble, the college suspended classes on July 11 and requested police protection.

However, at around 11 am “a large group of anti-social elements, mostly DYFI and SFI members trespassed the closed gate and went on a rampage in the campus,” the provincial explains.

The college has filed a complaint with the police department. It also sought help from politicians, Church leaders and media persons to press the authorities to act “justly on the issue and to see to it that this kind of hooliganism is not repeated,” the Salesian priest added.

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11 Responses to Salesian college in Kerala attacked

  1. Vinod

    Some outdated philosophies have to be inducted at very early age before one starts facing real life and starts thinking pragmatically. That is the gain of school and college politics in Kerala.

  2. k c thomas

    PinrayiVijayan will keep mum like Modiji. If he feels responsible to the voters,he should condemn violence and ask perpetrators to compensate. But we have not heard of a sane and just politician in Bharat

  3. Pran Ranjan Parichha

    The college absolutely right for taking disciplinary measures. Govt authorities should take stern action against such unlawful activities. Bishop Parichha

  4. Matthew Adukanil

    The college is absolutely right in banning political groups in it knowing their violent ways, particularly the SFI units in Kerala. The damage done to the institute is incalculable. Since the police did not effectively stop this vandalism in all fairness the state should come to the relief of the college or realise the repair charges from the SFI organisation. Otherwise blatant anti-minority bias of the stare government would be clearly read into this despicable incident.

  5. chhotebhai

    Perhaps the time has come to ban students’ unions and any kind of party politics on college/ university campuses.The LDF Govt in Kerala also cannot absolve itself of the violence of its cadres. By such actions they show that they are no different from the saffron brigade

  6. Joseph Anithottam

    When the CPM student and youth wing take law into their hands like the RSS and VHP etc. they have no right to criticise the BJP for it’s inaction. The SFI leader is the future CM of the state like Pinarayi who came to power thru goondaism. If this is the state of affairs the management should not bow their head to the hooligans. Dismis the student from the college and should not allow him to study in the College. Allow the peace loving students to study in calm atmosphere free from politics and help them to shape their future and save their families. If no stringent action is taken against the students who participated in the vandalism we will be creating more persons like the film actor Deleep who is in jail.

  7. C,M, Paul

    Such hooliganism should never be tolerated. There is no purpose in educating such lawless breed. Their place should either mental asylum or jail to help cool their heels (part of the body most active during the riot) and help reflection on life beyond politics.

  8. Jacob Kavunkal

    If the Salesian College is rendering a genuine service to the public through education and empowerment why public, the rest of the students and their parents, do not come forward to protect their alma mater, with one voice.

  9. A. S. Mathew

    While watching through live T.V., it was quote sadism of the Student Federation of India. The ruling party of Kerala will have to stop this kind of rowdism of their party young folks acting like the BJP/RSS cow vigilantes.

  10. Vincent Bagul

    Nobody should be allowed to take law into their hands. The culprit should be brought to book and must be punished adequately.

  11. Dr Roy Choudhury

    It is most unfortunate. Political parties should stay away from college campuses. A PIL should be filed against the political party and its affiliate union to compensate for the damages. Rustication of the student involved in the incident is foremost to set a standard of exemplary punishment.

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