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Sex is choice, periods are not: Bengaluru Women educate Modi! 

Bengaluru: Women across the state have lashed out at Modi-led government for levying 12 percent tax on sanitary pads.

The enraged women have started campaign on social media, “Don’t tax on my period” against the central government for causing injustice to women. Under GST, Kumkum and bangles have been made tax-free but the government has levied 12 percent tax on sanitary pads.

“Sex is a choice, but periods are not. When condom is tax free why can’t napkins be?”, women have raised their voice.

Renowned Gynecologist from Bengaluru Padmini Prasad lashed out at the central government for levying 12 percent tax on sanitary pads. “Even now women in rural areas cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. I support this campaign,” she said.

Several women vented their anger against the present GST reform which PM Modi had labelled as “Good and Simple Tax.” They also demanded that sanitary pads should be given at a subsidised rate instead of putting taxes on them.

One of the Twitter users commented, “The only explanation for sanitary napkins being taxed at 12 percent under GST is that the GST Council has ‘only’ men on it and men don’t get periods.”

Another woman commented, “About 80 percent of the Indian women can’t afford proper menstrual hygiene.12 percent GST on sanitary napkins. 0 percent on sindoor, bangles and bindis. Do ask Mr Arun Jaitley why?”

Another woman supporting the campaign said, “Why luxury tax is levied on sanitary napkins! Only rich women bleed? Its high time we should know its an essential not luxury.”

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7 Responses to Sex is choice, periods are not: Bengaluru Women educate Modi!

  1. Jaclyn

    please help sign a petition for this so that it gets noticed and goes to the right department for action soon enough. please on a petition can be signed and shared. lets make this big!

  2. MAMTA

    sanitary napkins are meant for menstrual hygiene not luxury…if the govt is
    sensitive towards girl child education/rte then how it could be so insensitive
    towards this aspect… which is a major cause of school drop outs in most part of
    rural India ……a big ? mark on the intention of govt towards female equality in work place including Indian Forces where the females have compete with their male counterpart. . . .

  3. Aditi Chamaria

    To all those falling for this trap- please read this article-

    While the rest of the world is moving away from plastic sanitary napkins, we Indians are scrambling and fighting for these napkins to be made tax free.
    1. Sindoor, bindi and bangles are tax free because they are indigineous industries. In order to keep these industries alive, they have been kept tax free.
    2. Sanitary napkins are mostly manufactured by MNC’s who’s agenda is to push these toxic waste creating sanitary napkins into the Indian market because all other developed countries are ditching sanitary napkins for alternatives like menstrual cups, tampons and our very own cloth napkins
    3. It is a myth that cloth napkins are unhygienic. India has used cloth napkins for decades and the rest of the world is seeing merit in in today.
    4. Girls in rural areas do not drop out of school because of lack of access to sanitary napkins. They drop out of school because of lack of toilet facilities in school (and the difficulty increases during menstruation). The reason given by all these ads and other foreign funded reports and studies that girls drop out of school during menstruation is a hoax and a propoganda to push their products in an otherwise untapped Indian market.

    Again, i would insist; please read the article shared.

  4. chhotebhai

    How can brahmacharis like Modi and the RSS know anything about menstruation? Shame on them. Incidentally in U.P. the Akhilesh Yadav Govt had reduced the VAT on sanitary napkins from 14.5% to 5%. Perhaps Akhilesh’s unobtrusive wife Dimple had something to do with it.

  5. Achachan

    This is done in spite of several complaints and suggestions made to the Finance minister. It shows the sheer disregard for the consumers. What use if Swach Bharat is not meaningfully plementef?

  6. A. S. Mathew

    PM Modi will be taxing anything and everything and making the consumers bankrupt.

  7. Vincent Bagul

    The demand is just. Any right thinking citizen will support the demand of the women. The Central Government should withdraw GST on sanitary napkins forthwith.