Teachers trained to reach out to media generation

By Anita John

Mumbai: Some 100 teachers from 25 schools in Mumbai attended a training program to help them rediscover their inner child and become better educators.

The July 22 training was organized by the Daughters of St Paul in collaboration with Mendoza Musikals, a group of musicians who conduct innovative programs for various groups.

The training was held at the “Paulines multi-Media Centre” in Bandra West, a Mumbai suburb. It addressed themes such as “Keep your inner child alive,” “Awaken the child inside you and see for yourself becoming a better educator,” “Innovative Methodologies in using music media in the teaching learning process,” “A new assembly ideas and script music for PT drills and march past,” “musical script and stage work,” and other lessons valuable for the next generation.

Daughters of St Paul Sister Annie Ponmani, one of the organizers, said the program aimed to help teachers influence the lives of their students in a creative way by using the media. “Teachers are directly in touch with children on a daily basis,” she told Matters India.

The new generation, she added, was born in the media world.

The nun also explained that their congregation uses the media to spread the Gospel values and help people become wholesome individuals.

“Although people notice us by publication and sale we do carry out our mission in various other ways such as conducting Bible weeks in parishes animating parents and children. We also conduct animation programs in schools for different age group of children,” she explained.

During the day, the teachers were taught different ways to use music in their teaching.

“This is the third time we organized such a program,” Sister John said. They conducted two sessions in 2016. Another training program will be organized on July 29, she added.

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2 thoughts on “Teachers trained to reach out to media generation

  1. When JESUS told to HIS followers mainly two deeply touching divine commissions to alert them about their divine calling ” You are the light of the world ” and ” you are the salt of the earth”; its dept is too deep to fathom.

    Now in reality, the Christian community of India, “the light and salt of India” will have to get out of the sleeping mode to the working mode through all the avenues possible to make a world of light and good taste due to the fact that India is now plunging too rapidly into darkness.

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