‘1,000 religious conversions take place monthly in Kerala’ : Minister

Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir has said that the Kerala government is yet to submit an inquiry report sought by the Centre on alleged religious conversions in Malappuram district.

“There is a big centre…That centre is in Malappuram district (in Kerala),” the minister said alleging, “Conversions take place there. In a month, about 1,000 people are converted. There is a report that Hindus and Christians are made Muslims.”

“I went there in May. I had a meeting with DG, … Chief Secretary. I told them, what is this centre that 1,000 (people) are converted in a month. On what basis? Do they take advantage of poverty, give warnings, talk about employment. What do they do? Find out. The matter is coming out,” Ahir told PTI here.

The minister was responding to a query on the NIA indicating a “pattern” vis-a-vis issue of ‘love jihad’ in the Supreme Court while dealing with the matter.

Ahir, however, did not comment on the issue, noting that it is sub-judice.

The minister was here to attend programmes organised by the Telangana unit of the BJP yesterday.

“The state government (in LDF-ruled Kerala) has not yet sent any report after inquiring the issue though I had asked for it,” the minister said.

“Now, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) has been entrusted with the inquiry. Whatever is there, it will come out after the inquiry. But, even after we have written, the government has not sent its inquiry report,” Ahir said.



source : Outlook India

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2 thoughts on “‘1,000 religious conversions take place monthly in Kerala’ : Minister

  1. Kerala is not U.P. The people know what is religion and what is conversion. It is a human right to have faith in a religion or sect or even in atheism. No Govt.,no organization and no individual should work against this human right. If anything is against public morality or against the Nation ,such cases may be investigated and those found guilty may be punished. It is not clear why the minister is after Muslim and Christian conversion. Let us have freedom of conscience first of all.
    Let us not imitate imitate Pakistan’s Blasphemy laws meant to harass Hindus and Christians. The anti conversion laws seem to be an imitation.

  2. Minister, are you now concerned with the thousands of holy mother cows dead due to the flooding in Gujarat-UP-Bihar-Assam etc?

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