Bishop apologizes for Hindu ritual in Catholic church in Spain

Spain: Bishop Rafael Zorzona Boy of Cadiz y Ceuta has issued an apology to local Catholics for an incident in which a Hindu procession honoring the god Ganesh was welcomed into a Catholic church.

The procession took place in Ceuta, a Spanish territory on the northern coast of Africa near Gibraltar. Local Hindus entered the church of Our Lady of Africa, carrying an elephant-shaped image of Ganesh, and were greeted by the vicar general of the diocese, Father Juan José Mateos Castro.

The bishop remarked that the event was “regrettable,” because although it was proper to show friendship for Hindu neighbors, the decision to allow a Hindu god to be honored in a Catholic church could cause “pain, confusion, or scandal in the Christian community.”


source: catholic culture

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6 thoughts on “Bishop apologizes for Hindu ritual in Catholic church in Spain

  1. Please do not allow this type of idols of other religion To worship in our church’s which was build by our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus got angry only ones as we all know the salers who was selling chickens and other materials in his Church the way he thrown out their goods everything from the Church so ,how Jesus will like this if anybody do all this nonsense in his Church he will destroy them who is going against Jesus Christ . Praise the Lord Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia. AMEN.

  2. I think people are getting mixed with culture and tenets of faith. In the name of respect for other human beings and religious traditions, we seem to surrender the very essentials of our Christian faith: “There is no salvation in anyone else, for there is no other Name given to humankind all over the world by which we may be saved.” (Acts 4:12). This must not be forgotten by Christians at least whether they are bishops or priests. Inter-religious dialogue never ever means that you give up your own faith. May God Almighty forgive our religious syncretism in the name of respect for others.

  3. I think that we need to distinguish between the purely religious and superficial cultural elements. Yes I join in Holi revelry with colours or celebrate sisterhood at Rakshabandan, but I don’t partake in any of the religious aspects of it. Last Sunday I was invited for a blood donation camp in a Hindu temple, where I was honoured for my social work.

    I also object to Christmas trees and Santa Claus inside the church building. It detracts from the central message of the incarnation.

  4. Wretches of the worst order. those Reverends who first welcomed the contraption into the church and then apologized! Where was their Catholicity when they decided to indulge in the nonsense in the first place?

  5. Thousand of Hindus are coming to follow JESUS every day around the world. The Bishop’s idea of bringing such Hindu idol worship will not win souls for JESUS CHRIST, but will cause GOD corrective action upon the Church.

    What happened to the wisest man ever lived, King Solomon? When GOD asked him when he became the King, what GOD should do for Solomon, he implored only for wisdom. Since he asked specifically for wisdom to rule the nation, GOD showed him greater favor with mighty army-wealth-popularity along with wisdom.

    But see the tragedy of his life. 700 wives and 300 concubines, he became a great women psychologist but in pleasing all of these women from different religious background of idol worship; his empire was fragmented after his rule of 40 years. His father King David also ruled Israel for 40 years, and handed over a solid nation to to his son, but the son spoiled that foundation due to his pleasing diplomacy of the idol worshiping wives and concubines. Let this be a big lesson for the Church which is the body of CHRIST.

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