Don’t indulge in empty rhetoric: Goa Church tells BJP

Father Fernandes wants those making allegations against the Church to rebut points raised in the report of a fact-finding team

Panaji: The Catholic Church in Goa on August 31 dismissed an allegation that it had tried to polarize voters on religious lines ahead of the recent by elections to the state legislative assembly.

The Church asked the state’s coalition government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) not to make empty allegations against the religious institution.

Speaking to reporters in the state capital of Panaji, Father Maverick Fernandes, Director of Caritas – Goa, a charity arm of the Church, said the ruling party should come out with a point-to-point rebuttal of the report of a fact-finding team it had endorsed.

The report claims that the state police’s probe into a series of cross desecration in the state was a sham, reported.

“Our report has been based on analysis, based on interviews of people at the grassroots level and it is based on a very studied, professional way of functioning. Empty statements of polarization cannot belittle the well-studied report,” the priest asserted.

A day earlier, BJP spokesperson Nilesh Cabral had accused the Goa Church’s official magazine and a fact-finding report by a Church-backed NGO of trying to polarize the atmosphere ahead of the August 23 bypoll.

“Attempts were being made to polarize society before the elections… Who is the fact-finding committee and who gave authority to the fact finding mission? It was wrong to try to polarize the votes,” Cabral had said, while asking the Church to “tone-down” the language of the content in its official magazine ‘Renovacao’ (renewal) which linked contemporary India to Nazi Germany.

Father Fernandes said that those making allegations against the Church should logically provide a rebuttal for the points raised in the fact-finding report.

“You have to come out with very straightforward rebuttal of every point that has been made. Empty statements cannot be considered as a rebuttal,” he asserted.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t indulge in empty rhetoric: Goa Church tells BJP

  1. I am happy that Goa, the smallest state of India, is taking the lead in asking the BJP to explain their deeds. Goa Church is in my prayers. Congratulations. Violet

  2. BJP in reality is ” Bhart Joker’s Party “. The leading stars like PM Modi and Arun Jaitly are classical examples in empty rhetoric.

    In 2015 the world Economist Arun Jaitly lectured at the Columbia University that the GDP of India will be 10%. Today’s report, GDP 5.7%.

    Likewise the totally baseless rhetoric of PM Modi like the GDP of India will be $ 20 trillion in 20 years and will take over China and the U.S. under his rule etc. No idea about GDP or the difference of billions and trillions.

    In CM Modi’s three term rule in Gujarat, some high ways and cities; but the standard of the living of the villagers were without education and medical care. Arun Jaitly tried to play a dirty game to take over Kerala under the Presidential rule portraying Kerala as an unsafe State; but the Government of Kerala retaliated ruthlessly showing the rest of India that Kerala is no 1 in education-healthcare-religious harmony-hygiene-in cleanness etc, thus far ahead of the holy land of India called ” Gujarat “. Arun Jaitly and the comrades were forced to drink their own dose medicine.

    The Indian economy is terribly slowing down: declining GDP and export-massive unemployment-declining PMI (purchasing Manager’s Index) declining automobile sales etc are clear cut indicators of the slowing down economy. We will be getting more reports of the totally failed Government of India on a daily basis.

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