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Lead with transparency, Alencherry tells priests 

By : Matters India Reporter

Palakkad, Kerala: If Christianity is being criticised and misunderstood today, it is due to shortcomings from the clergy community, said Cardinal George Alencherry. He was speaking at  Priests’ Grand Conference  on August 2 at the Sehion Retreat centre in Attapady near Palakkad.

Siting the example of Jesus Christ, the cardinal urged the congregation to never preach for publicity. He reminded priests to lead the community in a  transparent and innocent manner and  to not  exercise undue authority .

The Cardinal expressed grief at the fact that Christianity seems to be in a state of decline in some countries, and some of the services of the Church have become merely symbolic.

Holy Mass at Priests’ Grand Conference on August 2

Bishop Emeritus of Tellicherry ,George Valiamattam; Bishop George Madathikandathil of Kothamangalam,; Apostolic Visitor for the Syro-Malabar in Europe, Stephen Chirappanath led the Holy Mass at the Priests’ Grand Conference on Aug 2.

Bishop of Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Canada, Jose Kalluvelil and Bishop Jacob Manathodath of Palaghat were also present.

More than 15 bishops and around 1360 priests, including world renowned evangelists are attending the six-day residential conference at the Sehion Retreat center in Attapady near

The program is led by Fr.Xavier Khan Vattayil , founder-director of Sehion Ministries and world renowned charismatic preacher.

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2 Responses to Lead with transparency, Alencherry tells priests

  1. chhotebhai

    TRANSPARENCY! That word is not in the vocabulary of the clergy/ hierarchy. Let them start with democratically elected parish councils and finance committees.

  2. A. S. Mathew

    What a great difference in between the first century Christianity and the 21st century Christianity? Every year, more man-made traditions were added to Christianity down through the centuries; thus the real flavor of Christianity was lost. The empty seats at the Churches of Europe are an alarming sign, warning us about the backsliding of the real Christianity.

    The Churches are mere social clubs with formal prayers and repetition of the same worship. The spiritually hungry souls attending the Churches are going out with more emptiness and confusion. The Church world has became mere business enterprises. The Church hierarchy loves all the pageantry and adoration. The laity is fed up! How, this conflict in the Church world can be rectified?

    How the 5 million Church population of China in 1948 has now grown to 10% of the population, thus over 120 million? Those countries having a Christian population from Europe sent missionaries to Asia and Africa. These populations are dwindling, but through persecution, the Church is growing in Asia and Africa. What is the mystery behind that? Something to ponder!