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Syro Malabar Church to celebrate Holy Mass in sign language 

Kochi, Kerala: For the first time in the history of the Syro-Malabar Church, the Holy Mass (Qurbana) will be celebrated in sign language for the speech and hearing impaired members of the community.

Head of the Syro-Malabar Church, George Cardinal Alencherry  announced, this decision was made to  make it possible for the deaf or hard-of hearing to fully participate in the Holy Mass and other liturgical celebrations. He said that the liturgy will be celebrated by priests who are trained in sign language.

To initiate the project, the Syro Malabar mass was explained in sign language to a congregation of 40 speech and hearing impaired members in the Ernakulam and Angamali Archdiocese. Sister Abhaya FCC and  Sister Smitha ASMI explained the liturgy using the sign language at St. George’s Forane church in Edappally .

Syro Malabar church has become the first Catholic church in Kerala to lead such an initiative and was made possible by the constant efforts of the Synodal Commission for Family and Pro-life of the Church.


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6 Responses to Syro Malabar Church to celebrate Holy Mass in sign language

  1. Joe Ngamkhuchung

    Great initiative

  2. Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Actions speak louder than words. Actively carrying forward the meaning of Mass in daily life is indeed a good sign.

  3. Thankapan Vaidhyar

    It was too late for this church to do so. Because there are lot of religious involved with this group called differently able, since long time. If this church had it’s normalcy lot more could have had happened. Still the mission is hanging around rituals not yet wholesome mission work started, though it is a good mission work in partial.
    I will be right when you know the number of religious and priests paid the cost as full timers for this syromalabar company.
    The institution-religious and clerics of this church is only experts in blocking the lay missionaries and enthusiastic priests and religious. Water down the fire in them, and make them like indifferent clerics.
    It’s religious are literally perverting their energy in institutions in the name of education, social work and so on, purely uncatholic, unethical, injustice and 100% corruption (-social, political and economical) friendly.
    These religious take for granted, all pastoral and spiritual concerns, and keep it as a side business of the school, social works etc. They are time bound people, not to do pastoral work and they play with the emotions of the Christian labourers, in connection with them. Most of the institution religious and priests are Headache for the good pastors in the locality. They play with money and power and block the spontaneous innovatives in the parish.

    Congratulations to the team who worked to make liturgy a sign language. Hope it will not be a comady. Any way congratulations to the Major Archbishop. He is clever enough to do so at least now. Usually he engage in rakshabandhan, Rudraksha Maala and so on. This time he is on his duty for the church entrusted to him.

    With anger,
    thankapan vaidhyar

  4. Bernard Aye Maung

    Congratulatons to Syro Malabar church to celebrate Holy Mass in sign language.
    How wonderful is the Catholic Church to reach the word of God to all the members who are in disadvantage situation.

  5. Sr.Carol

    I am proud of my Church . Congratulations to the Syro-Malabar hierarchy for initiating this process! it is a recognition of the people with differently talented and marginalized who were so far not able to participate in the Liturgical services. Let such new creative efforts may come out from the Catholic Church, to recognize our brothers and sisters who are sidelined. It is indeed a great initiative to help those who are differently able.

  6. chhotebhai

    Wonderful news