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“Trump supporter” calls Indian pig, asks him to go back 

New York: An Indian-origin CEO in the US was racially abused after he wrote an article saying he will not defend US President Donald Trump’s economic agenda after the violence in Charlottesville where white supremacists clashed with counter-demonstrators.

“I recently told the New York Times I was ‘rooting’ for certain aspects of Trump’s economic agenda,” Ravin Gandhi, CEO of GMM Nonstick Coatings, wrote for CNBC.

“After Charlottesville and its aftermath, I will not defend Trump even if the Dow hits 50,000, unemployment goes to 1 percent, and GDP grows by 7 percent. Some issues transcend economics, and I will not in good conscience support a president who seems to hate Americans who don’t look like him,” he said.

What followed were a string of racist attacks on email and Twitter and Gandhi posted a voicemail on YouTube last week of a woman abusing him and saying: “You’re a f****** Indian pig.”

Continuing with the rant, the alleged Trump supporter can be heard scornfully saying: “Get your f****** garbage and go back to India, and sell it there.”

The woman also called the Indian American US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley a “Bangladesh creep” and said they will start taking down Buddhist statues, reported.

Gandhi is not a Buddhist and grew up in Illinois’ Waukegan, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The audio has more than 7,000 views, with a user pointing out that India wasn’t a Buddhist majority country and saying: “Why are racists so ignorant?”

“Even though my race is a complete non-issue in my day-to-day life, the sad reality is there’s a group of racists in the USA that views me as a second-class citizen,” Gandhi told the Chicago Tribune when he was asked why he posted the audio online.

The US president has been widely criticized for his failure to denounce white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klan members who took out a march to ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month.

Reports say there has been a spike in racist attacks in the US after Trump assumed office.

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2 Responses to “Trump supporter” calls Indian pig, asks him to go back

  1. Ladislaus L D'Souza

    O well, well…. Ravin Gandhi is being given crap by racists because he is of Indian origin in America. Its worse here – aren’t many Indians in India being given cold shrift merely because of the God they believe in, the religion they practise, the food they eat?

    In America there’s the Trump menace, while in India there prevails the Modi menace! And both need to be told to go to hell!

  2. A. S. Mathew

    President Trump has failed miserably to address the resurrected race issue in the U.S. since he became the U.S. President. All indicators are clear-cut proof, seems like his approach towards the white supremacy is a relaxed approach; which will be dangerous and undermine the national unity.

    The vast majority of the white people are against white supremacy; but a few are more than enough to create problems in the nation. The U.S. is a nation with white, then the brown skin Spanish speaking people and the black people. The U.S. being predominantly a Christian nation has the minorities listed, Jews-Muslims-Hindus-Buddhists-Sikhs etc. Everybody was living in peace, now the situation is caught up in a challenging crisis.

    The highest per capita income is earned by the people of Indian origin in the U.S. The 1.7% Jewish population, close to half of the U.S. billionaires are Jews, more than 20% of the top 50 billionaires are Jews. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) is the richest Jew in the world ranking in the top 10 list. They control Wall St, Wall St controls the world economy. Also the Jews control the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Federal Reserve Bank controls the U.S. Banking Industry.

    Around 75% of the people of Indian origin have voted for the Democratic party. The rich ultraconservatives from India, the BJP/RSS followers and the extra fundamental Christians from the State of Kerala have voted for President Trump. Now the turn of events is causing confusion for all those who have voted for him anticipating economic miracle in the U.S., and spiritual renewal in the U.S. since he was holding the Bible to hypnotize the fundamental Christians.

    Was it a tone of mercy to tell that he will deport 11 million illegals causing tears to the millions of children of the illegals? And so, this contradictory statement having not an ounce of mercy was fully contradicting the teaching of JESUS CHRIST.

    Who were the original inhabitants of the U.S. ? They were the Red Indians only. From Europe, for religious freedom, they began to migrate to the vast land, how the white can claim that the U.S. is their own birth right? In 1965, Senator Edward Kennedy worked double hard to eradicate the quota system of Immigration which only the white people from Europe had the opportunity to migrate to the U.S. The U.S. got special blessings from GOD due to her compassion and hospitality towards the Jewish people. Now the Neo-Nazim and anti-Jewish attitude emerged in the U.S. will force the Creator to stretch forth HIS hand of correction upon the land.