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An Open Appeal from CBCI to PM 

An Open Appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene to stop hatred in Jharkhand

Honourable Prime Minister,

I am making this appeal to you with much sorrow and anguish but also with hope. You must be aware of the recent happenings in Jharkhand, a State ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

You might be aware that there is spiralling hatred being created by the Chief Minister belonging to your Party, which if not controlled immediately, could take the State and its people down the streets of violence and hate.

Till now I had refrained from making a comment on the tragic happenings in the State. But last
night as I was about to go to bed, I received this frightening, disquieting and scary photo. A
Christian youth from Jharkhand had sent it to me with this quotation from Jesus in Hindi,
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.

As I went to bed, I could not sleep. Yes, perhaps those leading this ideological hatred, targeting
the Christian Community do not know what they are doing, where they are leading the people
to: on the road of hatred and division. As I tossed in bed, I thought there is one person to whom
I could appeal – You, Honourable Prime Minister. Because time and again you have told us
“sabh ka sath, sabh ka vikas”. If I am not mistaken, it was on this slogan that you personally campaigned in Jharkhand for the State elections, which made Mr. Raghubar Das, the Chief Minister of the State.

Jharkhand is a State where despite abject poverty and miserable living conditions, people of all
faiths and confessions, Tribals and non-Tribals, Dalits and others have been living in peace
with each other. This was till the Chief Minister embarked on a different agenda. He began
some months ago with vitriolic attacks against the Christian Community. Then in a first for
any Chief Minister he came out with this particular full front page advertisement in the
prominent dailies of the State.

Advertisement in Dainik Bhaskar, a prominent Daily

I do not know if you are aware of this advertisement. It contains a spurious quote of Mahatma Gandhi without naming the source, to vilify the Christian Community. The advertisement accuses the Christian Missionaries of converting poor Dalits and Tribals (Vanvasis, a term, we think Mahatma Gandhi never used for Tribals), whom the quote describes as innocent and
ignorant. The Tribals and Dalits are described as “simple and mute as cows”.

All sane minds in Jharkhand and the Tribals at large are aghast at such a description. People are asking whether the State deserves a Chief Minister, who allows an advertisement with his photo and that of “Bappu” reducing the Tribals and Dalits to the level of cows. Many are wondering whether, Mr. Raghubar Das became Chief Minister by getting votes from Tribals and Dalits, because in the words of the advertisement they are “as mute and simple as cows”.

Less than two weeks after the advertisement, while the Jharkhandis were still shocked over the
hate filled advertisement, the ruling party brought into the State Assembly and passed two
important Bills: The Freedom of Religion Bill and the Amendments to Land Acquisition Act
2013, in record time practically without discussion. One wonders whether the hatred filled
advertisement and the “Freedom of Religion Bill” were smoke screens for the real act of the
amendment to Land Acquisition Act. Is there something more than meets the eye specially
since the Governor had earlier refused to sign Amendments to the CNTPT Act. Was the Chief
Minister creating a diversionary tactic of mounting hatred.

Dear Prime Minister, the Catholic Church has time and again reiterated that it strongly opposes
forced conversions. But, at the same time, it stands by its rights to ‘preach, practice and
propagate’ its faith as per Articles 25-28 of the Constitution. Coming back to that advertisement
against the Christian community to hastily pass Amendments to the Land Acquisition Bill,
which we feel will threaten the livelihood and the very existence of the Tribals, specially when
there is still so much unused Government land.

Dear Prime Minister, coming back to that picture which is haunting me. Here is the burning of
effigy of probably the most prominent and respected religious leader in Jharkhand. Cardinal
Telesphore P. Toppo, as you would be aware, is a non-controversial leader, respected not only
in Christian circles but also in civil society and by Tribals and non-Tribals. He is also the
ambassador of the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. History shows us that hatred which begins as a tiny
spark can engulf into an unstoppable fire. As you know the burning of effigies can very well
turn into physical violence.

We are a peace loving community as the whole country knows. Our Missionaries have
sacrificed and many have died of Malaria and Tuberculosis at a young age striving to serve the
deprived sections of society in remote areas. We have not done it for political or selfish motives.
We will continue to work for the neglected sections of society through education, health care
and other uplifting activities. We are not doing this to “milk the poverty” to make them
Christians – we are doing it because our religion teaches us to serve the poorest of the poor.

Dear Prime Minister, the Church has as usual not responded to the provocations of the Chief
Minister. It is not because we are afraid, it is not because we are weak. That the Christians have
not responded should not be taken as a sign of weakness. We are not speaking about ourselves,
we are speaking about the people of Jharkhand. It is not possible that so much money is spent
by the Constitutional authority of the State on front page advertisements sowing hate, when
health facilities are so poor that stories of parents carrying children on foot for 10-12 kms. to
arrive at the nearest hospital makes news.

It is not possible that the constitutional authority of a State, actively involves itself in promoting
hate as the advertisement does.

Dear Prime Minister, we were touched when on 29 May, 2017, you told the nation, “we Indians
are lucky that our ancestors have created such a tradition today. India and its 1.25 billion people
can take pride in the fact that people from all communities and faiths are available here.”
We were moved when you told the nation on October 31, 2015, “we have to move forward
with the mantra of unity, peace and harmony”.

The whole nation applauded you when on Independence Day this year you gave a clarion call
from the ramparts of Red Fort, “in the name of faith, violence cannot be allowed”.
Mr. Raghubar Das and his advisors at least in the past few months have not shown affiliation
to the ideology you are proclaiming.

I appeal to you, honourable Prime Minister, with trust and hope to intervene and curb the spread
of hate created by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. Jharkhandis and Jharkhand deserves better.
If the Chief Minister is unable to control his ideological hatred, then it is time for him to go.
Your party has many leaders who can do a better job on all fronts.

Thank you and God bless you.
Yours Sincerely,
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, SFX
Secretary General,
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India

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4 Responses to An Open Appeal from CBCI to PM

  1. Dr Roy Cowdhury

    What will BJP in charge for Meghalaya polls Mr Alphonse tell bishops of northeast India when he goes to to woo Christian votes for BJP????

  2. A. S. Mathew

    PM Modi will not do anything to offend his blind deity worshipers in India. He loves the royal chair and deity worship, and world roaming travel.

    His ornate classical rhetoric to make the minorities happy will be tested in the coming days. Though he got many repeated warning in the mild form from the leaders of the Christian nations of the world due to the highly increased Christian persecution under his autocratic-theocratic regime, he simply keeps the lips sealed.

  3. Purushottam Nayak

    Not only one appeal but hundreds of appeal and open letter can bring some awareness to the Government of India, to the statement Govt. to do the justice to the minority religion in India. It is bold and courageous step from Msgs. Theodore

  4. Dr Roy Cowdhury

    NaMoji our PM is most famous for his lip service and rhetorical talk playing to the crowds… Jharkhand event won’t affect him… The good bishop who wrote the anguished letter may lose his sleep… but NaMo won’t…

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