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Former seminarian given charge for BJP Meghalaya polls 

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Shillong: The BJP has appointed newly made tourism minister from Kerala, Alphons Kannanthanam, for the upcoming Meghalaya polls, September 6.

Kannanthanam was a seminarian of late Bishop Abraham Alangimattathil of Kohima-Imphal diocese.
He was a student of Philosophy at the Christ the King College Shillong early 1970.

Speaking to Matters India, former secretary of CBCI Commission for Education, Father Kuriala Chittattukalam congratulated his former student for the ministerial appointment and the new responsibility for BJP in Meghalaya.

“He was an intelligent student and used to raise questions and demanded clarifications during Philosophy class,” recalls Father Chittattukalam his former teacher current head of Don Bosco Doomni, Assam.

After completion of his graduation in Shillong cleric Kannanthanam was assigned for regency in Imphal, Manipur from where he discontinued his journey toward priesthood.

Archbishop Dominc Jala of Shillong who is known to Kannanthanam from his Shillong base days told Matters India “We look forward to having a constructive dialogue for the future of the people of Meghalaya irrespective of any party or ideology.”

Welcoming Kannanthanam’s appointment a bishop from Meghalaya told Matters India “ we are proud of his achievement and sincere work, but his ideology is not agreeable to the people of Meghalaya, especially the Christian population.”

Meghalaya, a Christian stronghold has four dioceses (Jowai, Nongstoin, Shillong and Tura), out of 15 dioceses distributed among the state of North East.

Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati was Kannanthanam’s senior at college in Shillong.

Kannanthanam is bound to find several of his college mates among clergy in North East.

Some Christian leaders in Shillong is sceptical about the outcome of BJP’s game plan in assigning an ex-seminarian to booster the chances of the Hindutva party in Christian strong hold state.

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11 Responses to Former seminarian given charge for BJP Meghalaya polls

  1. Mathews

    Why all commentators are forgetting that Mr K Alphonse was a very suceessful IAS officer and they are highlighting only his short stint in religious study.Is it a mistake that he discontinued his studies in the seminary?His vocation is different.God had/has greater plans for him.Some of the comments are unchristian , really disturbing and a clear testimony to the growing intolerance in India.The minister will be judged by his performance and not on the basis of his religious faith or political affiliation.

  2. F M Britto

    Is he a Christian in spirit or a greedy politician

  3. Mathews

    The Hon’ble Minister has proven administrative accomplishments.It is time for him to channelise all his skills in upgrading the tourism potential in india.He has several tasks to perform like improving the tourist destinations,perfect safety of tourists-both domestic and international,rationalisation of tariffs for various tourist services,prevention of tourist exploitation by private players in the sector,augmentinging international tourist inflow and showcasing India as an excellent tourist destination.Let him not get involved in unnecessary controversies like he is appointed for wooing Christians and that he may have Kerala,his home state,as a top priority.He has to upgrade the quality of man power being trained in tourism management courses in the country.
    He has to be a man of action and be very cautious in his speech especially before the media.His profile and sphere of functioning as an IAS officer is different from his current status as a minister in the union cabinet.

  4. chhotebhai

    George Fernandes is also an ex-seminarian.Wonder why ex-seminarians who become ministers are allergic to the Congress? Is it because they find the same stifling hierarchical culture there?
    For years the BJP accused other parties of following vote bank politics. It is doing the same. It is no fifferent

  5. Sr Anita John

    This is really a great news for the church in India . I am so glad to hear this great news . I am sure all the Indians will be over joyed to hear this happy news . May God be praised
    Anita John Fsp , Mumbai

  6. Purushottam Nayak

    Great game-plan – fraught with great risks for the Christian community if in the Northeast if the ex-seminarian succeeds in swaying the electorate en masse in Meghalaya in favour of the BJP. The holy ones making a bee-line to congratulate the guy on his ministerial posting and his ‘in-charge’ business connected with the BJP had better be cautious… – LADISLAUS LOUIS D’SOUZA

  7. Ladislaus Louis D'Souza

    Great game-plan – fraught with great risks for the Christian community if in the Northeast if the ex-seminarian succeeds in swaying the electorate en masse in Meghalaya in favour of the BJP. The Church in general and particularly the holy ones making a beeline to congratulate the guy on his ministerial posting and his ‘in-charge’ business connected with the BJP had better be cautious…

  8. Purushottam Nayak

    Religious commitments may sometimes come into conflict with the demands of politics.

  9. Lourduraj

    BJP just represents the snake. It’s evil. Unfortunately Mr. Kannanthanam has fallen prey to power. He is doing disservice to the country. I wish the catholic church which includes bishops keep this guy at certain distance. Let him educate BJP about their duty to keep away from the fringe groups which have become part of the mainstream. As long as they persecute Christians in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and northern India, BJP has no right ask for the votes of Christians anywhere in India. The bishops must ask disturbing questions to this so called Christian minister.

    • C.M. Paul

      Remember Mikhail Gorbachev, the Russian premier, and his role in the fall of Communism in 1989….!

  10. Dr Roy Chowdhury

    Brilliant move by BJP and NaMoji…hand picking a fellow who is familiar with the Church and that too assigned to deliver a Christian stronghold for the Hindutva party. Wait and see, how the game plays out.