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Role of laity in Church activities stressed 

Kochi: The Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church has called for finding solutions to the problems faced by families and the larger society by taking into consideration the perspectives of the laity.

It was observed that the progress made by lay people has significantly influenced the multifarious activities of the church. Priests and church officials should try to understand the sentiments of the laity regarding issues such as unemployment, housing, diseases, alcoholism, consumption of addictive substances and frictions in families.

The church attached critical importance to renewal of families. The priests and the church officials should constantly communicate with the laity for the comprehensive understanding of problems faced by families and society which called for novel solutions, reported the Hindu.

The Synod took pride in social activities undertaken by the laity such as the running of old-age homes, orphanages, and institutions for mentally challenged children and distribution of food in hospitals. The Synod being held at Kakkanad Mount St. Thomas will conclude on Friday.

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One Response to Role of laity in Church activities stressed

  1. Thakapan Vaidhyar

    Crocodile tears, or plastic flower; reading the article, this is what I feel when prided, Syro-malabarian clerics state about role of laity, with flowery language.
    Only one request, please don’t increase the laity’s tears when they come to you for some permission (only permission in due time) for most needed church services unattended by the synod or other clerics. It is easy for them to tackle govt, RSS, ISIS or A B C. But syromalabar hierarch is harder than that. This is what we hear from Kerala lay movement evangelists. Neither hierarch is able to do it nor allow able people to do better. Jealous…. Hierarchy