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Teresa remarks: Christian leader asks Hindu seer to apologize 

Visakhapatnam: A Christian leader in Andhra Pradesh has given a Hindu leader one week to apologize for his remarks against Saint Mother Teresa.

Oliver Rayi, president of Andhra Pradesh Christian Leaders Forum, sought an immediate apology from Paripoornananda Swamy, who claimed to have evidence to show that the founder of Missionaries of Charity congregation had trafficked around 50,000 women illegally to various countries. The swamy made the allegation during an interview with a Telugu television channel a few days ago.

The seer also questioned why Mother Teresa had chosen India and no other poor Christian country to base her activities.

Rayi issued a statement on September 28 condemning the swamy’s remarks and said that he would seek the Indian president intervention if necessary to elicit apology from the Hindu seer, reports

The Christian leader said Christians all over the state have expressed their displeasure with the remarks. Such remarks, he added, would create unrest among various communities and fuel hatred in the country.

They also hurt the sentiments of Christians and aid workers around the world that projected India in bad light in the global humanitarian aid sector, he added.

The remarks would also create unrest among the communities and fuel hatred.

Rayi wants the Hindu seer to answer why he went to Western countries to spread Hinduism when he failed to strengthen the religious in India.

He said the former untouchables would have remained outcast today if not for Mother Teresa.

About human trafficking, Rayi asked why no one has come forward to file a complaint or given a statement. The Hindu seer made a fool of himself by asking why the Mother was conferred with Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, the Christian leader remarked.

He should have raised his voice at the time of conferment. Rayi said his forum pursues every legal angle for action if the swamy failed to apologize within a week.

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12 Responses to Teresa remarks: Christian leader asks Hindu seer to apologize

  1. George

    These kind of footloose comments need to be condemned, and apology demanded and that news widely spread. Hate campaigns and maligning of Christians and minorities has become an industry and it needs fitting response.
    The mission of serving the poor and educating the weaker sections has been done by many enlightened individuals across the country like Rajarshi Chatrapati Sahu of Kolhapur and Savitri Phule. The beneficiaries of the Christian education resenting the spread of quality education among the weak and lowly is behind comments such as these.

  2. A. S. Mathew

    Indeed, you are speaking in the same teaching attitude of what JESUS taught, but for these trouble makers, through their rhetoric of hatred can brainwash many illiterate street goons to attack the Churches and Christian believers. Thus, this kind of street hooliganism must be stopped once for all.

  3. Vincent

    Mother Teresa is a Saint. She shines like the sun. Anyone trying to spit on the sun will not succeed.

  4. Kulandai raj

    Hinduism is a beautiful religion. I can’t tolerate him to bring shame to it by such baseless comments by a Samy.

  5. Rekha

    Let Swamy and his followers clean the wounds of the abandoned, first bringing them to their ashrams or houses, shelter them, look after them, give them a dignified and peaceful life to live in this world and then speak nonsense. I demand apology from Mr. Swamy

  6. Kalappura Thomas

    I have offered my comments


    We shouldn’t take these allegations quietly. There are thousands of people who would believe these lies. We need to support Mr Oliver Rayi in his effort to set the record straight.

  8. Kalappura Thomas

    The swamy knows that it is a great lie. But he thinks at least a few may tend to believe and so much misunderstanding can be created. No such Swamis believe in any good aspects of the Hindu religion or Indian culture. We have seen at least some like Ram Denim,Asaram and Ramgopal.who are in jail.
    There is an apex body of haters that monitor these Seamus.

  9. Joseph Anithottam

    The so called swamy who is supposed to preach love and brotherhood is spiting venom. Mother Teresa was a silent worker who gave love to the neglected on the road side etc. Nether the RSS or the BJP Governments in most of the Indian states ever initiated any step towards caring for the humans thrown on the street and craving for a drop of water. Did these shameless people who utter such nonsense in public ever cared for a human being lying on the roadside. He may have lost his senses. He is unworthy to be called a swamy. His intentions are diabolic and thoughts are satanic. The service rendered by Mother Teresa is divine. No such swamys or organisations will do the work she did. Those who accuse Mother with their toungue are unworthy to lick her feet. We can only pray that these kinds of people may come back to their senses and begin at least for the rest of their life to love fellow human beings so that they reach “Vaikuntam”.

  10. chhotebhai

    The men in saffron think that they have a free run in Modi’s India. Shame

  11. Ladislaus Louis D'Souza

    The Seer can see nothing – he’s blind, a fool of the topmost degree!

  12. A. S. Mathew

    A bunch of pink cloth wearing swamis are fully dedicated to defame the saints of Christianity anyway possible; thus sowing the seeds of hatred among the gullible and anti-Christian spirited street goons.

    This national travesty of justice has to be stopped instantly. Since their deities are ruling India into a total anarchy, the disciples wanted to pour more oil to the fire.

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