Alleged Marian apparitions draw hundreds to Kerala church

The alleged apparition first occurred on September 28

By Cyriac Sebastian

Kochi: Hundreds of people are flocking to a church in Kerala after a group of children claimed to have had Marian apparitions while praying there.

The children are students of St Ambrose Lower Primary School at Edavanakkad adjacent to a parish church with the same name under the archdiocese of Verapoly.

According to an explanatory note posted on the parish billboard, it all began on September 23 when a Hindu girl student, Krishnaveda, went to the church to pray for her ear problem and applied some holy water.

The girl later told her companions that she felt immediate relief as she applied the holy water on her ear.

As the children came out to pray in the church, they saw in the sky a vision of Jesus being scourged to pray and when they looked up, the church note signed by parish priest Father Mathew D’Cunha says.

Credits: Neil Gonsalves
Reciting the name of “Jesus” they went inside the church to thank God for curing Krishnaveda’s ear problem. Ambrosiya, the only Catholic girl among them, volunteered to lead them in reciting the rosary.

Since she did not know the “Mysteries of Light” recited on Thursdays, she had requested her class teacher’s help. The children were already praying when the teacher reached the church around 1:45 pm.

As they were praying one of the girls, Anusree, told the teacher that the Blessed Virgin was standing under the altar table. They also felt the smell of jasmine flower. The children said the apparition called them to come closer. All this frightened another girl, Sivanya, who said she wanted to go from there.

As the teacher led the children out of the church, the girls saw the apparition coming after them pleading not to go away. As the teacher went to inform other teachers, the children went to call Father Merton D’Silva, the assistant pastor.

The priest took the children back to the church to pray. The children claimed they could see Mother Mary standing under the altar table. But the elders, including Father D’Silva could not see anything.

The children said the alleged apparition promised them help in studies and send them the Holy Spirit. They were also promised to be taken to heaven. As the news spread people began to gather and the parents took their children home.

A similar phenomenon occurred on October 3 when a large crowd prayed the rosary in the church with the children. After some time, everyone experienced the smell of jasmine flowers. The children saw the vision again. The priest asked the children for the exact spot where his head and prayed with tears. The gathering saw a bright light and the priest said he felt someone patting his head.

The note said many in the crowd received the gift of contrition as they prayed in the church. Since then, the church has witnessed a steady flow of visitors.

Father D’Silva said the archdiocesan authorities have decided to wait and watch before intervening.

Meanwhile the church plans to hold a night vigil on October 12.

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8 thoughts on “Alleged Marian apparitions draw hundreds to Kerala church

  1. All Marian apparition, in the beginning there is always this kind of comments. But wait don’t rush. Very soon we will be able to get a clarity to this Devin apparition. Refer The Bible Luka 1:26-38 May God Bless All unbeliever.

  2. I have no problem in believing in this story and I also understand that a lot of people wont believe it. Faith is the ability to believe in that which you can’t see and if you have faith then it is only because the Father has given it to you.
    I too had an interesting experience in a Christian pilgrimage village in Medjugorje in Bosnia Hercegovina. I saw Jesus standing just above the church roof, He was in full solid form and looking at me with His arms outstretched. There were many people walking around but nobody else saw Him. He said to me “This is how I will come on the last day, on a cloud with a host of angels and it will be in your lifetime” I am not a devout type of man so it wasn’t a devout type of experience, it was more like a “man to man” type of experience. This occurred almost twenty years ago and it would seem that what he told me is coming to fruition slowly but surely.

  3. Jesus is the mediator between God and mankind, but Mary is the Mother of God (Luke 1:39-45)
    and mediator between Jesus and mankind. Honor thy mother and father saith the Lord. When we dishonor Mary, we dishonor Jesus. Mary, through God, performed the second greatest miracle by
    the “Miracle of the Sun” witnessed by 70,000 people on October 13, 1917. She is still in the
    business of performing miracles by the power of God.

  4. Why do these incredulous individuals always seem to impose their ignorant opinions about the reality of intercessory prayer whether it be by the mother of Jesus or our own earthly mothers on behalf of our needs and concerns.

    Why shouldn’t we ask Blessed Mother to pray and intercede with Jesus for us.

    And why would anyone begrudge those children in India having an encounter with Blessed Mother. It almost seems like jealously on the part of the incredulous.

    Praises be to God for sending Blessed Mother to those beautiful devotional children.

  5. O Lord,the master of the Universe.Thou art my one safe shelter.Thou art my one sure refuge from the distractions of this world.Help me never to forget that thou art the root o fmy life.My strength and joy depend wholly on thy grace.Bestow that grace upon me out of thy infinite mercy.
    This is a wonderful occasion to pray to our dearest mother seeking her blessings and protection in all our endeavours.“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

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