Christians safe since Narendra Modi came to power: Kannanthanam

There has not been even one instance when a church was burnt or Christians attacked anywhere in the country

Shillong: India’s Tourism Minister Alphons Kannanthanam met several Church leaders in the Garo Hills on October 11 on his maiden visit to Tura, where he spoke about the “inclusive” nature of BJP governance. The state goes to the polls early next year.

“There was some apprehension and fear about what was appearing on the social media. I clarified the issues with them because 99 percent of social media news is fake. When BJP came to power in 2014, there was an apprehension that churches would be burnt and Christians would be beaten to death. There has not been even one instance when a church was burnt or Christians attacked anywhere in the country after Modi came to power,” Kannanthanam told the media after interacting with church leaders.

Kannanthanam, who is also the BJP’s election in charge for Meghalaya, called on Bishop Andrew R Marak of Tura, at the Bishop’s House and later interacted with church elders from the Garo Baptist Convention and the Church of North India at the West Garo Hills circuit house.
Senior BJP leaders, including Nalin Kohli, Meghalaya state BJP president Shibun Lyngdoh and others accompanied the minister.

The president of A’chik Baptist Dalgipa Krima, Aloysius G Momin, ABDK general secretary reverend Janang R Sangma, pastor of Tura Baptist Church, reverend Wetterfield Marak and pastor of Hawakhana Baptist Church Reverend Frithing Sangma were among the prominent Christian leaders who met the minister, reported The Times of India.

Emphasizing that he is a practising Christian, Alphons said despite not being a member of Parliament, he was made a minister in the Modi cabinet. “This shows it’s an all inclusive cabinet,” he added.

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4 thoughts on “Christians safe since Narendra Modi came to power: Kannanthanam

  1. Remember the old logo of a dog listening to a phonogram, the logo for His Master’s Voice. Alphons fits the bill to the tee!!

  2. The comment given by Mr. A.S.Mathew should be higlighted along with, as footnote to the article above, to show how the BJP politicians repeat the same lies to make it look true. Kannamthanam lives in a fools Paradise, hope he will realise it soon.

  3. I did not expect such fool hardy statement about “Christians being safe under BJP regime” from such a knowledgeable minister like Alphons… This is in deed a clear case that he is sold toBJP ideology for mere personal aggrandizement… and claims to be a practicing Christian.

  4. How Mr. kannanthanam can say that the Christians are safe since BJP came into power? The Christians were safe before Modi came into power, now under torment.

    421 attacks against the Christians in 2016, but by the end of June 2017, already 410 attacks.

    How the thousands of Christian Organizations lost their funding through the blocking of NGOs funding by the Modi Government? Is that a safe action or torturing action?

    Today while I talked with a converted Hindu to Christian faith in north India, he told me for the first time that the local police called him to the police station and asked many questions; and gave warning not to conduct prayer at home. How this poor people can build a Church? The BJP State Governments will not go to attack big Churches in the cities; but the small group of believers are under attack. The Christians are suffering tribulation under the Modi regime, which is an open truth

    The Tourist Minister has been used by the BJP Government to sooth the persecuted Christians of India, but totally hiding the truth. If the Christians are believing these untrue statements, the Christians will pay a big price.

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